Kills the kids to punish husband: Christy Sheats, Texas mom killed two daughters to ‘punish’ her husband for not apologising during an arguement

Texas mom, Christy sheats, 42, told her husband ‘This is about punishing you’  then shot and killed daughters Taylor, 22 and Madison 17, on his birthday

Older daughter Taylor was to have wedded long term boyfriend 3 days later on June 27

Jason sheats, 45, was close to his daughters,they died as collateral because she wanted to get back at him after losing an arguement

“Christy was toxic for the family. She was mentally unstable.” – family friend

jason sheats1A traumatized Jason Sheats being led away by first responders after wife Christy killed both their daughters
madison and jason sheats1

Madison (l.) had a close bond with dad. Jason wanted to protect his daughters, but Christy brought out a gun she had hidden under the sofa

Christy Sheats, the Texas woman who was killed by police after she gunned down her two daughters told her husband, “This is about punishing you”.  Accoring to reports, she apparently murdered her children in other to get back at their father who was close to the girls after she lost an arguement on his birthday and he would not accede to her demands for an apology.
A family friend of the Sheats said the shooting Friday evening at a suburban Houston home followed one of the couple’s frequent arguments. Preliminary Police reports state that an officer fatally shot longtime gun rights advocate Christy Sheats, 42, after they responded to reports of gun shots in a home, only to find her shooting at one of her daughters in the street.

sheats family killing2
Police at the crime scene in Katy, Houston Tx

The argument between the women’s parents turned deadly on their father’s birthday, according to the family friend, Madison Davey. Christy had responded to a challange from jason :
“‘Just shoot yourself. Make it easy on all of us, just shoot yourself,’ when she said, ‘No, that’s not what this is about, this is about punishing you,’”
Davey continued. “I always knew something would happen. I never thought she would do this. Christy was toxic for the family. She was mentally unstable.”
Unfortunately, Madison and Taylor got caught in the middle of their parents troubled marriage and it cost them their lives.
Jason said Christy said she shot their girls because she wanted him to suffer.
“When I realized it was both of them, I just dropped and started screaming.”
A family meeting at the Sheats’ home turned sinister when Christy, who allegedly had severe mental health issues, pulled out a .38 caliber handgun and shot both girls. Jason, Madison and Taylor sprinted for the front door, but Madison collapsed and died in the street. Both Jason and Taylor tried to run to safety, but Christy caught up with Taylor and shot her again. Unfortunately, when she went to reload, she was able to come back and shoot Taylor a third time. Christy was determined to take all members of the family including her husband, but she had to reload her gun first. According to a neighbor, Christy pointed her gun straight at Jason, gave up and walked inside to reload, he then ran to the neighbor’s house for safety, and asked them to call 911.

Christy and jason sheats1Christy Sheats and husband Jason Sheats (r.) their daughters were fatally shot Friday night by their mother, Christy
Taylor madison Sheats4.jpgMadison Sheats (l.) her older sister Taylor Sheats (r.) gunned down Friday night by their mother, Christy Sheats.

The family home had a history of reports of domestic disputes according to officials in the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office who disclosed on Monday that deputies had received 14 calls to investigate at the home in the Westheimer Lakes North subdivision since 2012.
Ironicall, Christy Sheats shot her family with the same gun that her great-grandfather had left for her with instructions to “protect her family.” The “completely off-the-wall emotional” mom once spent time in a mental institution, Davey said.
On Friday, she hid the gun under a couch and brought it out to fire on her own daughters at a family meeting she demanded because her husband refused to apologize for the argument, she said.

taylor and madison sheats5.jpg

Taylor Sheats (l.) her sister MadisonSheats (r.) killed  by their mother, Christy Sheats, because she wanted him tosuffer

taylor sheats and fiance1.jpg

Taylor and fiance werre set to wed just 3 days later.

“He would do anything to protect them and he tried to, but Christy was out to kill that day,” Davey said.
Davey described Jason Sheats, 45, as “the best dad ever” and recalled the close relationship between 17-year-old Madison and 22-year-old Taylor.
“I would hang out with him and watch ‘Drunk History,’ and he loved being around us,” Davey said. “They were so funny, for sisters, you would think they would fight, but no. They loved each other a lot and were always laughing.”

christy sheats1
Police  fatally shot the mom as she was shooting at one of her daughters and refusing to drop the gun.

The family has planned a funeral ceremony for Madison and her older sister in Alabama later this week.


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