Kayleene Danielle Greniger, 22, of Grand Rapids, charged in connection with Itasca County beheading

Kayleene Danielle Greniger, 22, of Grand Rapids, girlfriend of an Itasca County homicide suspect now faces two felony charges in connection with last week’s beheading death of a 20-year-old, man was charged Thursday in State District Court as an accomplice after the fact in the second-degree murder of David Alexander Haiman. She’s also charged with third-degree assault.

Police said her boyfriend, 35-year-old Joseph Christen Thoresen, killed Haiman after learning that he allegedly had sexually assaulted Greniger. Thoresen was arraigned Wednesday on an intentional second-degree murder charge.

Thoresen, Joseph_1Joseph Christen Thoresen

The charge alleges that Greniger aided Thoresen by “destroying or concealing evidence of that crime, providing false or misleading information about that crime, receiving the proceeds of that crime, or otherwise obstructing the investigation or prosecution of that crime.”
A frriend of the victim Haiman, Denise Sinner of Hibbing says “No one knows how this happened. It doesn’t seem possible,” “He was very kind. He had a big heart. Nobody knows a reason why this happened.”

Itasca County Sheriff’s Office investigator Mark Weller said authorities were still looking into the sexual assault claim against Haiman.
Greniger was arrested two days after she provided an eyewitness account of the killing.

His Version of Events

Joseph Thoresen, 35, allegedly attacked David Haiman, 20, with a baseball bat and stabbed him in the back and stomach. He then decapitated Haiman with a machete and threw his head in the woods, according to the criminal complaint.Authorities found Haiman’s torso and head the next morning.
Thoresen’s girlfriend told authorities he was upset when she told him Haiman had attacked her in the couple’s apartment. Thoresen appeared in court on Wednesday he is charged with second-degree murder. Bail was set at $2 million.
Thoresen said he did not have any contact with Haiman for the last several weeks, but cellphone records indicated otherwise.
Thoresen’s girlfriend confronted Haiman in front of Thoresen in their apartment on June 21 or 22, . She punched and kicked Haiman, and Thoresen also punched him, telling him he should not have raped “my girl” .
The three left in Haiman’s vehicle and smoked marijuana with others and then smoked meth with a friend. Later, Thoresen attacked Haiman and beheaded him.with a machete he had taken the machete from Haiman’s belt.

Her Version of Events

Kayleene Danielle Greniger, allegedly told investigators that she was upset because Haiman made plans on June 20 to visit the Grand Rapids apartment that she shared with Thoresen.

David Alexander Haiman (victim)

She had confronted Haiman in the apartment, punching him in the face. She said Haiman agreed to be tied up in the apartment with a rope and beaten — apparently in retaliation for the alleged sexual assault — and that she and Thoresen both repeatedly punched him.
Greniger added that she had broken Haiman’s nose during the assault, according to the complaint. She then left the apartment with the two men to look for drugs, they smoked marijuana and meth and went for a drive in the woods in Haiman’s car, with Thoresen driving.
Haiman later called her several derogatory terms during the drive. Thoresen stopped the car, claiming it was having mechanical issues and the men went to look under the hood where Thoresen struck Haiman with a baseball bat and stabbed him multiple times with what she described as a “large black knife.” She said Thoresen then grabbed a knife from Haiman’s belt loop and cut off his head.
Police said Greniger reported that her boyfriend then disposed of Haiman’s body in the woods and drove home to clean up.
Judge Korey Wahwassuck set Greniger’s bail at $100,000 with conditions or $200,000 without during an initial court appearance Thursday.
Meanwhile, Triston Michael Corwin, a Grand Rapids man who allegedly led police on a high-speed pursuit with Thoresen in the passenger seat also made a court appearance this week.

 Triston Michael Corwin

corwin,triston Triston Michael Corwin 

Police said Triston Michael Corwin fled from a Deer River police officer who attempted to stop the vehicle he was driving late Friday.
Corwin reported that he had been held at knifepoint by Thoresen and ordered to “keep going and not stop.” He allegedly told police that Thoresen admitted to killing the vehicle’s owner days earlier. Officers, however, found no knife on Thoresen’s person or in the vehicle, and he was released at that time.
Corwin was able to provide additional details in a follow-up interview, of the account that was given to him by Thoresen. Police said he also admitted to burning a blood-stained bat that was brought to his house by Thoresen.

Corwin was arraigned Tuesday on charges of theft of a motor vehicle, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, fleeing a police officer in a motor vehicle, fourth-degree driving while impaired and fleeing a police officer on foot. He was released on his own recognizance.


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