One punch – The maddness continues: Man 25, kills his enstranged dad, 53, with just one sucker punch after they met on a street

Mark English, 53, killed after brutal  ONE-PUNCH Assault by son, Morgan Isles-English

Morgan, 25, hit dad he’d not seen in 4 years after a verbal exchange on the street, knocking him unconcious

Suspect fled the scene, victim taken to hospital and kept in induced coma. Later succumbed to injuries

Son arrested later, charged with causing grievous bodily harm


Paramedics attend to Mark English as he lay out cold from the brutal unexpected attack

A 25-year-old Australian man, Morgan Isles-English,  has been charged with an alleged one-punch attack on his father in Brisbane, that left the older man in an induced coma in hospital overnight and eventually  led to his death the following day. The father has now died from the life-threatening head injuries he sustained.
Mark English, was walking along the street  with his partner, Varri Telfer, Monday, when his son spotted them and allegedly attacked. Police said the younger English had a “brief verbal exchange” with the couple before punching his dad in the mouth.


Mark English wheeled off to the ambulance by the first responders

53-year-old English fell backwards and was knocked out cold when his head hit the concrete.
Telfer and passersby administered first aid until paramedics arrived, when he remained lying face down on the path for minutes as they assessed his injuries.
Shortly after the incident, she said, Morgan had briefly fled  the scene and returned again before fleeing for a final time. He was arrested overnight and charged with grievous bodily harm. He arraigned in the Brisbane Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

Mark English mom2

Morgan told his mother (pictured), ‘I love you’ from the dock

Ms Telfer, who helped give first aid to her partner, said he hadn’t seen his son for four years.Mr English was taken to the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital in a stable condition but police said he had to be placed in an induced coma ahead of expected surgery overnight.He died the following day, according to the police


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