Learning to Roar: The John McEnroe effect on Milos Raonic’s Wimbledon run – brilliant

…John McEnroe’s  effect on Raonic’s game has been pretty impressive. Enough for tennis fans like us to notice. John you should be doing more coaching, you are  pretty good at it. The impact of john’s input just one month into toughening  Milos mental game seems to be the secret ingredient Raonic needed to beat Roger Federer and reach the final of Wimbledon.

John McEnroe eight-time slam major champion, with three titles at Wimbledon, McEnroe has the job of fortifying Raonic’s mental resolve. This partnership has worked pretty well this fortnight. “Milos is a good kid,” McEnroe said. “He’s very professional, very dedicated, and he wants to get better.”

johnJohn McEnroe and Carlos Moya

John McEnroe is one of three coaches on Milos Raoni’s team including Carlos Moya and Riccardo Piatti the coaching team lead.

The personalities

Raonic being a little laid back, the personality clash may appear jarring but quite intriguing: where McEnroe is rebellious and combustible, his pupil is by nature more reticent and tactful. But they have dovetailed neatly here, with the McEnroe imprint nowhere so evident as in the Canadian’s brilliant comeback to beat Federer.


A week after they began working together, Raonic finished runner-up to Andy Murray at Queen’s Club. McEnroe has helped with his mental approach, Raonic told The Guardian. “He definitely keeps emphasising demeanour on court, which I probably would not have put as one of the priorities.” Raonic was visibly more vocal in his semi-final win over Federer, which is another point of the game McEnroe has emphasized. “He’s definitely put an emphasis on it,” Raonic told The Guardian. “I felt in matches that I need to sort of calm myself down. I feel like when I get positive, I can get negative quickly as well.” Following Raonic’s win on Friday, McEnroe said the combination of emotion, skill and strategy led to his success. “He showed a lot of heart out there, a lot of fight. He found another gear I don’t even think he knew he had. He had some quality shots, huge forehands, you name it, he put it all together at the right moment.”

Raonic appointed McEnroe as an additional coach last month, in an effort to improve his grass court game leading up to Wimbledon. His training team is led by the Italian coach Riccardo Piatti and former Spanish world number one Carlos Moya. “He’s been here on this Centre Court playing the final, winning three times,”  “He’s a guy that knows a lot about tennis, is very well respected and probably the best serve and volleyer ever. He’s adding things to the team and he’s bringing good energy.” Moya brings a calmness to Raonic’s coaching team, while Piatti has been a strong presence.


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