Micah Johnson, Dallas gunman smeared cryptic messages on wall in his own blood

The gunman behind last week’s shooting in Dallas wrote cryptic messages on the wall in his own blood.

Five police officers were killed and seven others wounded in the shooting on Friday.

Micah Johnson, a 25-year-old army veteran, daubed a series of letters onto the walls in blood during a stand-off after the shooting.

He also sang and taunted police during negotiations, asking how many officers he had shot and warned that he wanted to kill more.

A large stash of explosives was found at Johnson’s home, as well as a journal which described his plans for a larger bomb attack.

Detectives are now trying to work out the meaning of Johnson’s blood messages, and are hoping that they’ll help reveal his state of mind.

Some markings included the letters RB on a wall and in the stairwell where he died, after the police killed him using a bomb after talks failed.

‘He seemed very much in control and very determined to hurt other officers,’ Dallas police chief David Brown told CNN.

‘Without our actions, he would have hurt more officers.’


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