Foiled: ISIS plot in Rio exposed!!! Brazilian police arrest 10 jihadi suspects in terror ring planning to attack tourists at the Olympics

Extremist group, linked to depraved ISIS thugs, smashed two weeks before sporting event

The country’s government has reportedly called an emergency cabinet meeting following the arrests in the southern state of Parana.

Earlier this week it emerged that a Brazilian Jihadist group had pledged allegiance to the depraved Islamic State.

Extremist monitoring agency SITE, reported that the group created a channel on Telegram called ‘Ansar al-Khilafah Brazil’.

It is believed to be South America’s first ISIS-supporting faction.

Today is was revealed that ISIS extremists have published a terror manual detailing how “long wolf” fanatics should target the Olympic Games in Rio.


They said: “All threats related to Rio 2016 Games are being thoroughly cleared, in particular those related to terrorism.”

“Because of the subject of sensitivity, threats are addressed in an integrated way, the specialized units of confronting terrorism of the three axes responsible for the security of Rio 2016 Games – Intelligence, Public Security and Defence.”


Around 85,000 members of Brazil’s security forces – 47,000 policemen and 38,000 soldiers – will be mobilized to ensure the safety of the thousands of athletes and fans expected to attend the event which runs from August 5 until 21





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