Pervert, Sadie Annette Morris, 24, guilty of molesting 3 year-old: ‘I hope you rot in jail you fat cow’ – mother of victim

Sadie Annette Morris, was found guilty of sexually assaulting a three-year-old girl. During sentencing, the victim’s mother shouted as the pervert was led away – “I hope you rot in jail you fat cow.”

In emotional scenes at Leicester Crown Court, pervert Sadie Annette Morris was heckled from the public gallery after the jury returned its guilty verdict.

Morris, 24, posed naked with the girl and sent the sick pictures from her Blackberry to a man she knew.

She was caught after officers seized the man’s Blackberry phone after a search warrant at his home in North Wales.

Morris showed no emotion but glanced once at the public gallery as she was led out of the court.

As she was led away, the child’s mother leapt to her feet and said: “I want to look her straight in the eyes. I hate you Sadie. I hope you rot in jail. You fat cow.”


The court heard the offences took place between July 1 and 31 last year with the photographs involving one category A image – the most serious level – one B and one C.

Morris, of Barwell, Leicestershire, denied one count of sexually assaulting a girl under 13 and three counts of distributing indecent images of children.

But the jury of seven men and five women found Morris guilty on what the judge described as “overwhelming evidence”.

Judge Nicholas Dean QC said: “One of the worrying factors here is she hasn’t faced up to what she did, in the face of overwhelming evidence. The jury has convicted you unanimously of these offences.

“Assault by penetration of a child under 13 is a very serious offence; you no doubt knew that, you’re not unintelligent. It’s likely you’ll serve a long term of imprisonment.”

Some of the pictures found on the man’s phone showed a woman appearing to be Morris, naked and engaging in sex acts with the girl.

Morris was identified from a distinctive rose tattoo which was on the abuser’s body.

It was claimed that a ring Morris was wearing was also similar to one worn by the person sexually abusing the child in another picture.

After Blackberry manufacturers were contacted by police, it was confirmed the messages were sent from her phone.

Giving evidence in her defence, Morris insisted she only sent images of herself and would never take indecent photographs of a child or distribute such material.

She claimed her phone could have been accessed by a number of other people, indicating someone else was to blame and not her.

Morris told the jury: “I haven’t taken them (photos of the child), I haven’t sent them; how they got there I don’t know.

“People were asking me to take pictures of myself doing different things and I sent some to a couple of random people. I found it wasn’t for me and didn’t do it again, I regretted it.”



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