Plainfield Plane Crash in to house in Chicago area , No Injuries Reported in House, Pilot Believed Dead 

The pilot of a plane that crashed into a house in a residential area is believed to be dead, according to Joliet Police Chief Brian Benton.

“It’s under investigation,” Benton said.

A spokesperson at the JFD said the crash occurred at Chestnut Hill Road and Bedford Drive in the Brighton Lakes subdivision, which has a Plainfield mailing address but is under the jurisdiction of the Joliet Fire and Police Department. Units are working on the scene.

Joliet Fire Department Battalion Chief Jeff Carey said no residents inside the home were injured at the time of the crash.


“They did a search of it, and nobody was inside,” Carey said.

Carey said he had no information about those inside the plane, but Benton said he believes at least the pilot has died.

“It sounds like it broke up in a few different pieces,” he said. “There was different debris from [Route] 59 and Theodore [Street] all the way to house. It sounds like it might have lost a piece and then came down.”

The Joliet Police Department is asking residents to stay away from the crash site.

“At approximately 11:15, a small plane went down in the area of Theodore and Brighton,” Joliet police said on Facebook. “Please seek alternative routes near Rt. 59 and Theodore, and Theodore and River Rd while the crash is investigated.”

FAA Spokesman Tony Molinaro said the plane was a small aircraft, but the type is unknown at this time. It is also unknown where the plane was heading and from where it took off.


Plainfield resident Mike Maksimik said there was a storm cloud overhead and it was just starting to rain when the crash occurred.

“The plane appeared to move right out of the storm cloud,” Maksimik wrote on Facebook. “It’s a gamble whether it was a lightning strike on the plane that killed (its) engine, but there was a definite crash of thunder before the actual boom from the explosion.”

“The plane missed my house and the trees (and) went over the pond and crashed,”

credit palinfieldpatch

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