Thomas Hoey Jr., banana king sentenced to additional five and a half years for stealing employee pensions worth over $800k


Already convicted of trying to cover up a fatal drug fueled orgy, Thomass Hoey, 48,  was sentenced to an additional five and a half years Monday for stealing  $800,000 in employee pensions from his Long Island Banana Co. between 2009 and 2012.

Thomas Hoey Jr. now faces a total of 17 and a half years behind bars.

“You were born if not on third base then on first base,” Judge Paul Engelmayer told Hoey when imposing sentence. “I have no confidence, none, that you will turn over a new leaf. Simply put, the public will benefit by your being in prison.”

Much of the money was used to fund his lifestyle, spending on strippers, drugs and prostitutes.

Kim Calo (left) a mother of two, collapsed on the floor and started frothing at the mouth after overdosing on cocaine at the $700-a-night venue
and Nicole Zobkiw, 31 (right) also dead after a suspect cocaine overdose.

“I want to apologize to the court, your honor, the prosecutors, my employees, and my family. I never intended to cheat anybody. I had hoped to repay (the pensions),” Hoey said.

Hoey’s downfall began in 2009 when the married mogul was having a cocaine-fueled sex-romp with two women who weren’t his wife when one of them overdosed.

Hoey did nothing to help the woman as she died from the coke he gave her, and instead pressured people the other woman to lie about his involvement.

Allison BrettherickAlison Bretherick

Engelmayer ordered Hoey pay $650,936 in restitution to his former employees. The judge called Hoey’s latest crimes “serious and very troubling,” “unusually serious,” and “aggravating.”

“You had an obligation to protect that money for their benefit. Instead, you flat-out stole it,” Engelmayer said.





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