Graphic Language: Trump supporter yelling ‘Put them back in the f—–g fields’ at black woman on subway – video

A Trump supporter yells his UGLY thoughts at a woman on the train in New York

He was apparently angry the woman had taken the last seat on an L train in Brooklyn, according to the two-minute YouTube video posted Saturday.

“Get your friend, get your friend who’s a f—–g c—sucker little b—h and you’ll be arrested this morning,” the woman said.


“C–t!” he yelled back. “Fat, two-faced c–t.”

“That’s why you’re standing and I’m sitting,” she said. “B—h.”

He walked a few steps away to another woman who seemed to know him

“Worthless, stupid f—–g c–t! Donald Trump 2016!” he yelled.

“Les!” another woman said to him. “That’s enough.”

The suited man stomped his right foot on the ground.

“Put them back in the f—–g fields where they belong!”

“Wow,” another man could be heard saying in the background.

“Yes,” the black woman mocked him. “Pop that s–t. Pop that s–t.

He called her more names and flicked her off before getting off the train at the Jefferson St. station.

Representatives for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority said they had no knowledge of the incident seen in the footage.


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