Kumari Mahendran , Ms Wales, My mother attempted to kill me by stabbing me in the neck. ‘Mum, You’ve stabbed me’

‘Mum, You’ve stabbed me’ Beauty queen knifed in the neck by her own MUM as she slept

Miss Wales contestant Kumari Mahendran was attacked with a kitchen knife as she slept

A beauty queen was knifed in the neck by her own mother as she peacefully slept in her bed.

Miss Wales contestant Kumari Mahendran, 26, shouted out: “Mum, you’ve stabbed me” when she woke in horror as he mother attacked her with a kitchen knife.

A court heard crazed mother Chitrani Mahendran, 74, chased her daughter from room to room with the blade before her daughter fled onto the street in her leopard-print nightwear.

Kumari, who competed in Miss Wales 2013, had organised for her mother to be flown from Britain to her native Sri Lanka due to months of ill health days before the attack.


She told Cardiff Crown Court how she was woken twice by her mum brushing her hair as she lay in bed – but fell back asleep both times after she was told: “Go to sleep, go to sleep.”

But the next time she woke it was because she felt a blow to her neck.

Kumari said: “It felt like a really hard punch to my neck. I woke up and my mum was standing over me with a steak knife.

“I was really shocked and confused. I was thinking: ‘Has she stabbed me?’.

“I touched my neck and felt blood coming out and felt really faint.

“I said to her: ‘Mum you’ve just stabbed me’.”

Kumari, who studied mathematics at Cardiff University, was then chased by her mum who was still brandishing the stainless steel steak knife.

She said she couldn’t unlock her phone to call an ambulance as her hands were covered in her own blood.

She said: “I felt very faint and scared. I tried to get out of the house but couldn’t find my keys.

“She confronted me and I said I needed an ambulance, but she said first we needed to discuss what to say to the police.”

Kumari wrestled with her mother in the living room and managed to grab the knife out of her hand by clutching onto the jagged blade, before pushing her into the TV and escaping through the front door.

Neighbour Elin Cooper, 18, was walking back home from morning lessons at nearby Ysgol Glantaf high school in Cardiff when she heard Kumari screaming down the street.

She told the court: “Kumari was shouting: ‘Please help me, my mother has just stabbed me in the neck.’


“She had blood all over her neck, chest and arms and on her leopard-style onesie.

“The mother was standing at the top of the road just looking at us.”

Another neighbour Nia Davies, 43, took the blood-drenched girl inside her home while they waited for an ambulance to arrive.

Paramedics took her to University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff, where doctors treated a 1cm cut to her neck after the attack in January.

The court heard Mrs Mahendran, from Llandaff, Cardiff, would not appear in court as she is currently being treated by psychiatrists at Calverton Hospital, Nottingham.

Prosecutor Andrew Jones said: “Mrs Mahendran’s mental condition has been accepted by several psychiatrists as being such she is not fit to stand trial.

“Her treatment will depend on whether she committed the act or not.”

He said the jury’s role would be not to decide whether she is guilty of unlawful wounding but whether she was responsible for the act she is charged with.

The jury found that she had committed the crime and sentencing was adjourned until September.

In a victim impact statement her daughter said: “I do miss my mum. I never wanted to go to prison, just for her to get help.”


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