Account assistant, Sharin Mooney, 38,  stole $58,016 of company money went on a vacation, spent it on luxury trip to New York and posted pics on Twitter

Sharin Mooney, doctored invoices ran a scam under the noses of her managers at a windfarm firm for nearly nine months before she was finally caught.

The accounts assistant bought specialist document-altering software on the internet and used it to pour money into her personal account.

The largest payment for $10548.40 was siphoned off just before she jetted off to America.

She stayed at New York’s famous Waldorf Astoria hotel and posted a photo of herself on Facebook with Manhattan’s Times Square in the background.

On Twitter, Mooney writes  “Cocktails solve all the problems.”


sharinSharin Mooney at Waldorf Astoria

She also made an purchase from luxury jeweler Tiffany & Co and bought numerous other airline flights.

Prosecutor Pamela Brady said suspicions arose after a staff member noticed a “discrepancy” with a copy invoice and had asked Mooney to help locate the original.

“A number of weeks went by and the accused did not produce the invoice. She said that she was too busy.”

Bosses at Greenock-based 2020 Renewables launched a probe and uncovered a total of eight transactions of company cash into Mooney’s account between April and December 23, 2014.

Credit dailytelegraph


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