Graphic!! Warren Sapp, NFL hall of fame and Dentist Dr Steven Cuthbirth have been attacked sharks two different locations same results. One a deadly bull shark on paradise in the Bahamas and the other in Florida Keys

Warren Sapp @ Florida Keys


From his Instagram page

I haven’t done much (translation: any) lobstering, but I’d imagine that there’s some possibility of getting pinched by one of those large claws, which sounds like it could be painful. I’d take that any day, though, over getting bitten by a shark.

Warren Sapp probably would as well, but it happened to him anyway on Wednesday. The former Buccaneers star was in the act of pulling a crustacean from waters near the Florida Keys when a shark apparently decided that he looked pretty tasty in his own right.

The result was a very nasty gash on Sapp’s left arm, near his elbow. The charter company he hired that day posted a photo of the gory aftermath to its Instagram page

Paradise Shark event


Dr Steven Cuthbirth was spearfishing with his son-in-law in the Bahamas when the six-foot bull shark swam into him.

Fighting back, he whacked the shark with his weapon – but it only acted to send the beast into a biting “frenzy” that saw his face and leg bitten to ribbons.

Describing how the attack felt like being struck by an “18-wheeler truck” the dentist said: “My dive mask and knife (strapped to my right leg) seem to have prevented significant tissue loss.

“The bites were above my mask on my forehead and below my mask through my upper right lip and cheek.



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