Impressive: China’s mega road bus, which rides over regular traffic with the capacity of 40 conventional buses – See photos

China’s TEB, Transit Elevated Bus, is now on the road

China’s elevated road bus10.jpgThe interior of the The Transit Elevated Bus 

China just launched the elevated road bus was unveiled earlier this year. The futuristic bus is designed to travel above cars on the road freeing traffic to drive underneath it. The model looked great but felt very much like something for the distant future rather than 2016. The two-metre high Transit Elevated Bus (TEB) hit the roads in Qinhaungdao earlier this week.

China’s elevated road bus13The design decongests traffic on metropolitan roads
elevated road bus3.jpgThe vehicle can hit speeds up to 60km, ferrying the equivalent of 40 conventional buses

Once fully operational the vehicle is expected to hit speeds of up to 60km/h. It will run on rails instead of the road itself but link together with up to another four TEBs, the equivalent of 40 conventional buses.
Engineer Bai Zhiming told CCTV: ‘The TEB has the same functions as the subway, while its cost of construction is less than one fifth of the subway.’

China’s elevated road bus12.jpg
The TEB runs on rails instead of road
elevated road bus7.jpgIt’s design means cars can pass underneath it
China’s elevated road bus11.jpg

Urban mass transit  with minimal negative impact on extisting traffic.


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