Perv boss live streamed on Facebook: 21-year-old Makana Milho live streamed her boss demanding sexual favours in exchange for letting her go home early, on Facebook.

Makana Milho, 21,  live streamed her boss apparently asking her to perform a sex act so she could go home early on Facebook.

21-year-old transgender woman was doing community service when supervisor, Harold Villanueva Jr,  says ‘If you don’t want a condom, I wouldn’t mind a b*** j**’ 

Villanueva was responding to Milho’s clarification of his request for sexual favours,‘If I don’t do sexual stuff I’ll have to stay until 1 o clock?’

Villanueva 47, was arrested  and charged him with fourth-degree sexual assault.

makana milho1.jpg
Makana Milho, was propositioned by a male supervisor while on community service

According to 21-year-old transgender woman Makana Milho, she was cleaning toilets as part of a six-day community service order, in Honolulu, Hawaii,  when  her supervisor, Harold Villanueva Jr, ‘slapped and pinched her buttocks.’
The alert Milho started filming their exchange from her handbag when they got in the truck and he drove her to an empty car park, in a bid to consumate the proposition. In the video, which  Milho streamed real time, she can be heard trying to clarify an apparent proposition
‘If I don’t do sexual stuff I’ll have to stay until 1 o clock?’ she can be heard to say.
‘If you don’t want a condom, I wouldn’t mind a b*** j**,’ Villanueva can apparently be heard to say.

Harold Villanueva Jr.jpg
Perv supervisor, Harold Villanueva Jr has been charged

‘I can ask my friend if they have a condom,’ replies Ms Milho, who said she asked this in the hope that would appease her supervisor and he would drive them to a safer place.
Villanueva, 47, can also seem to be heard saying: ‘You can go home pretty soon. If not, I’m going to have to keep you at least till 1 o’clock.’
Ms Milho,, said ‘the universe was spinning.’
‘I thought he could do basically anything to me. I felt my power was stripped away from me.’
She says her recordings also reveal Villanueva boasting about other women on community service who have given him sexual favours to get out of work early – including a young mother, who he says was ‘the best I had in a long time’.
After the conversation comes to an end, Villanueva asks Ms Milho to keep it a secret. Milho took down the video after over 197,000 views following a ‘victim blaming’ backlash online in which she was called a prostitute.
Milho said I  ‘wasn’t comfortable being a punchline to something serious that happened to me’.
Villanueva was  arrested by the Police and charged him with fourth-degree sexual assault.


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