Knife man rampage at Russel Square: A 19-year-old Norwegian of Somali origin goes beserk killing one womman and injuring 6 others

A 19-year-old Norwegian of Somali origin, who came to the UK in 2002, has been arrested on suspicion of murder after he stabbed six people in Russell Square at around 10.30pm last night.

His victim, a US citizen in her 60s, said ‘he’s still here’ as she used her final words to warn others their lives were also in danger, a witness told MailOnline today.

She died in a pool of blood as she was cradled by a family of Spanish tourists, as the 19-year-old silently stabbed pedestrians in the back, side and arms who were left ‘screaming and covered in blood’.

Police were called at 10.30pm last night and Chanel Britton, 19, of Barnsley, who was staying in one of Russell Square’s many hotels, captured the moment up to eight officers searched him after being Tasered to the ground.

The teenager, a Norwegian of Somali origin who came to Britain aged five, was arrested on suspicion of murder and he spent the night in hospital before being moved to a south London police station.


Pol O’Geibheannigh, 45, who was walking back from the cinema when he saw a massive police presence and a woman lying in a pool of blood told the publication: “I just knew right away that this is not right. You just don’t see armed police around this area.

“This was just wall to wall with armed police.

“She was lying in a pool of blood with a red blanket on top of her. I went into the bar and it wasn’t until an hour later that they put the tent up.

“And then at about 12.30, when we were coming out, there were about five or six people running off towards Bedford Square.

Wittness Account

Chanl BrittonChanel Britton above wittnessed the police arrest nd video taped it

A group of tourists who witnessed the incident sought safety by hiding in a nearby Tesco Express. One staff member told the newspaper: “We didn’t know what had happened. They came in here and said a man appeared to be chasing a woman and stabbed her and then started stabbing people. They initially thought it was a mugging.”

Local shop owner Shyam Sanhani said: “It is really scary – especially given all the images of the police which were released just yesterday.

“I was here for 7/7. That was scary and now this.”

Paul Hutchinson, a taxi driver, who passed the scene of the brutal stabbing shortly after it occurred, said: “I drove past Russell Square and the road wasn’t shut but the pavement was all taped off by police, lots of armed police, lots of cars and the body was just lying on the floor.

“You could see the boots sticking out from under the cloth.

“Loads of armed police, cars with lights on and the body on the floor.”

Witnesses said the attacker was chubby, had been wearing black shorts and a white t-shirt and that he left with the knife, which he carried in his right hand.


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