Pregnant for her high school student: Laura Bowling, Zumba instructor  and School secretary,  admits to ‘ having sex with two male students’ – pregnant, maybe, for one of the students

Laura Bowling, former Crest High School employee arrested and charged after admiting to law enforcement that she engaged in a sexual relationships with students

The 32-year-old a zumba instructor who worked as a secretary at Crest High School in Shelby, South Carolina engaged two boys in sexual activities while they were under 18

The alleged affairs with students came to light after one teen’s mother received annonymous congratulatory messages on becoming a grandmother

Bowling is pregnant, but it’s unkown if either boy is the father

She was charged with five counts of felony sex acts with a student and remanded on $50,000 bond

School secretary and certified Zumba instructo, Laura Bowling, had relations with two underage students

A former female secretary at a South Carolina high school has been arrested and charged with having inappropriate sexual relations with two male students at the school. Thursday,  Laura Bowling, 32, turned herself in to police, admitting to carrying on affairs with the teenage boys attending Crest High School in Shelby.
This arrest came on the heels of a report received by the Sheriff’s Office on July 29,  from a mother of a student. The woman allegedly  told investigators that she had been receiving anonymous calls congratulating her on becoming a grandmother. She further stated that upon examining her son’s phone,  she had seen  pictures and text messages from a secretary at Crest High School that she felt were inappropriate. The mother also stated that she had spoken with friends who knew the secretary, and they confirmed the secretary was indeed pregnant
Interviewed by law enforcement, Bowling and the teen both admitted to having a sexual relationship for the past two months.

Officers alsor uncovered evidence that the school secretary also allegedly had an illicit affair with another male student at the school. It is yet to be established  if and which one of the boys is the father of the unborn baby. Bowling has been charged with five counts of sexual activity with a student and jailed on $50,000 bond.
According to officials with the Cleveland School District, the secretary quit her job on Tuesday.


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