She fought for her life: India Chipchase killer’s police mugshot reveals murdered barmaid’s desperate fight for life as he raped then strangled her

Tenniswood’s mugshot reveals marks on his face from where India had tried to fight him off as he throttled her. Photo top right shows killer trying to pickup the drunken India outside a nightclub with the promise of getting her home ‘safe’

Tenniswood, 52, was found guilty of raping and murdering the 20-year-old in his bed after chancing upon her in a ‘drunken stupor’ outside a nightclub in Northampton

Caught on CCTV telling victim  ”I’ll get you home safe” outside club’

Police mugshot reveal murder victim fought desperately fight for her life as Tenniswood raped then strangled her

Self-confessed alcoholic with a history of rape and violence, receives life sentence for murder, to serve a minimum of 30 years

Edward Tenniswood, arrested1.jpg
Edward Tenniswood was arrested on January 31, at a bar where he drank beer for 22 hours straight after killing India Chipchase

India Chipchase, 20, was last seen leaving a nightclub in Northampton early on January 30 and her body was found inside the home of Edward Tenniswood the following day. Tenniswood, 52, was found guilty of raping and murdering the 20-year-old in his bed after chancing upon her in a ‘drunken stupor’ outside a nightclub in Northampton
However, Edward Tenniswood’s police mugshot reveals the horror of the murdered young woman’s tragic fight for life.
Tenniswood, 52, was found guilty of raping and murdering the 20-year-old in his bed after chancing upon her in a ‘drunken stupor’ outside a nightclub in Northampton and leading her into a taxi to his home.
India was found dead by officers the next day and Tenniswood was arrested in an Ibis hotel after leaving India’s body in his home to go on a 22-hour drinking session.
His police mugshot reveals marks on his face from where India had tried to fight him off before being strangled.
Friction marks on Tenniswood’s legs and scratch marks to the left side of his neck suggest India fought him off after waking up to find him on top of her. She had bruising to her forehead, her cheek, cuts to the inside of her cheek and her lip, a cut to the top of her right ear as well as bruising and scratching to her neck.

India Chipchase4India Chipchase was murdered after becoming separated from friends during a night out clubbing and drinking

Tenniswood’s blood was found under his victim’s fingernail while scratches were found on his neck and arm.
The ex-bookkeeper, who was jailed for life yesterday lodged a complaint with the judge that fellow prisoners wanted to kill him after reading about the case.
His attorney told the court during his trial that threats had been made to the 52-year-old.
Samuel Stein said inmates at HMP Woodhill, a maximum security prison which houses some of the country’s most notorious inmates. He said: “From the response from other prisoners he asked to go into his own cell and to be shut in.

Edward Tenniswood1.jpg
Edward Tenniswood ‘depraved pervert’ with a history of violence against women

“He himself was threatened with strangulation, that they are going to ‘get that sick b*****d in the showers’.
“He tried to hold up some paper against the pane in the wall to prevent people seeing him.
“He hasn’t slept. The level of threat is very serious. He’s not the largest person and is very vulnerable.”
Judge Saunders told Tenniswood’s lawyer to contact the prison governor over the matter. It is understood further threats have since been made against tenniswood, who will be 82 when he will first be eligible for parole.

india chipchase3.jpgThe inebriated India was lured by Tenniswood with a promise to get her home safe after she was seperated from her friends

Bookkeeper Tenniswood was arrested after Miss Chipchase’s body was found by police on a mattress covered by a sheet in his home. A post-mortem examination found the 20-year-old had been strangled.

History of predatory violent conduct
It has also been revealed that Tenniswood had a history of violence – with three different people claiming he assaulted them.
Jurors were not told that one of the alleged victims said she was repeatedly raped by the pervert. The woman, who cannot be named, said Tenniswood carried out the sickening attacks when he was drunk. The woman initially came forward with her chilling account just days after India’s body was discovered and prosecutors wanted to use her evidence in the trial, but it was ruled inadmissible by the judge. She alleged that on one occasion tenniswood placed his hands around the back of her neck when she was trying to escape.
Tenniswood denied the claims, admitting they did have drunken sex but it was consensual.
Another woman said he throttled and then kissed her after he got angry with her when she was a teen. She claimed he pinned her down on another occasion and held a knife to her throat.
A neighbour Douglas Killeya, said he was attacked by Tenniswood last year. He said he put his hands around his neck “as if he was going to strangle me”. This was after Killeya refused to go for a drink with him.

India with her mum Suzanne2.jpgIndia with her mum Suzanne, who she lived with in the UK

Several jurors broke down in tears as victim impact statements from India’s parents were read out in court after the verdict was announced.
Her devastated mum Suzanne, 48, described India as “loving, kind and beautiful inside and out”.
She added: “This year she should be celebrating her 21st birthday. As a family we will not be able to do that this year, or any year to come.
“She was such a vibrant person and there was never a dull moment when she was around.
“I miss my daughter more than words can express, but she will always be with me.
“She lit up a room whenever she walked in and remembering that will always make me smile.
“By the actions of this man we have been condemned to a life sentence of grieving for a child whose potential we will never see.

Jeremy chipchase and india chipchase1.png
Adelaide based obstetrician and gynaecologist Dr Jeremy Chipchase with his 20-year-old daughter, India



“Nothing that happens to that man will be enough to fill the void and pain that he has caused to our family.”
India’s father Jeremy, 49, who works as a doctor in Adelaide, Australia, said he hoped “no other woman ever suffers at the hands of her murderer”.
He added: “For 20 years myself and India’s mother loved India.
“We loved her then and we will always love her, even though we will never experience her laughter again her memory will live on in spirit.
“I don’t want another father to hear their daughter’s gone missing like I did, then to hear her body has been found.“I hope no other father has to see their daughter’s body in a mortuary and to be told he may not touch her or kiss her.
“We will continue to have this pain, anguish and emotion until our last breaths.”
Chilling CCTV released today shows the moment Tenniswood targeted defenseless India as she stood outside a nightclub in a ‘drunken stupor’.
Security footage shows how he approached India and talked her into getting into a taxi with him telling her – “I’ll make sure you get home safe”.
After India was inside Tenniswood’s house, India’s boyfriend Grant Hare tried to call her a number of times but her phone rang out.
Proescuting, Christopher Donnellan QC had told the court: “It is very likely his motive was sexual and when she resisted him he was determined to have sex and he grabbed her around the throat and squeezed.


India appeared unsteady on her feet as she got into the car 1.jpg

India could be seen to be unsteady on her feet as Tenniswood got into a cab with her outside the night club

He held her until she was unable to resist any more.”
Tenniswood, a self-confessed alcoholic, then claimed he failed to notice India’s lifeless body despite re-fastening the 20-year-old’s bra, and re-clothing her, while wearing surgical-type latex gloves, before leaving his victim alone.
Instead of raising the alarm, he went out ‘for 20 minutes’ to get a kebab but then spent the next 22 hours drinking lager in an Ibis hotel until police arrested him.
Jurors were shown dramatic body-cam footage of the moment cops discovered India dead after smashing their way into Tenniswood’s home.

Edward Tenniswood apartment1.jpg

The bedroom where Edward Tenniswood raped and strangled India Chipchase

The lifeless body of the 20-year-old was found with more than 60 injuries including bruising to her forehead, her cheek and cuts to the inside of her cheek and her lip.
Police officer Steven Knight told the Court: “As I got in the doorway I could see a mattress with a blanket over the top. I could see a shape of a figure.
“It was the hair at the top the mattress I could see – black hair.
“At first I thought it was fur, but as I got closer I could see it was her hair. The hair was splayed. Instead of being down, it was pulled up and around. Sort of a halo.”
“I took a corner of the blanket and pulled it away so I could see the face.”
Body-cam footage from another officer who followed officer Knight into the room recorded police as they were confronted with the fact that India was past any medical help.In the footage, Mr Knight can be heard desperately shouting to the prone, fully-clothed young woman: “Can you hear me? Can we get a paramedic?”
He then says to another officer: “We’ve got a positive ID.”
The officere again tries to get some response from India, yelling: “Sweetheart? Sweetheart, can you wake up? Can you hear me?”
As the reality of what the officers have discovered dawns on them, a policewoman, off-camera, can be heard to say: “She’s gone, she’s gone. S***, she’s gone.”


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