Knife stabbing maddness continues in the UK: Shopper ‘attacked by knife-wielding man’ in London’s biggest shopping centre, Westfield

Pitures showing the knife, air abulance and shoppers satnding over knife

A shopper was  stabbed with a knife in front of horrified children and families in the middle of a busy shopping centre this afternoon.

A knife-wielding man allegedly stabbed his victim outside a shop in London’s biggest shopping centre, surrounded by children and families on days out during the school summer holidays.

The young victim, aged in his 20s, was assaulted in the middle of the day and was rushed to hospital.


Witnesses saw two men fleeing the “tense” scene as an air ambulance was spotted flying above the busy shopping centre.

Police and security officials are currently at the scene, where the entire ground floor is locked off.

Two men were arrested at the scene and remain in custody.

The Air Ambulance was seen flying above the shopping centre.

One of the knifemen reportedly said, “we poked him up good”, after the attack.


Witness Alessandro Mascellino told the Standard: “I saw commotion, many policemen running, and a few paramedics as well.



“A security guard told me the altercation happened between two members of the public, and one just pulled out a knife.

“It was quite tense. No one knew what was going on, but as police shut down sections of the mall, people started asking more and more questions.

“My friends work in a jewellery shop inside Westfield and they are all quite nervous.”



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