Doing a slalom down the streets while protecting his modesty: Man caught on tape, running NAKED through ski resort followed by knife-wielding husband – the price of being caught sleeping with mans wife

Naked man  flees justice, through the streets of a famous Argentinian ski resort after being caught under his lover’s bed by the woman’s husband

A man ran NAKED through a ski resort followed by furious knife-wielding man who caught him sleeping with his wife

He was filmed using one hand to cover his privates and the other to try to flag down passing motorists as he sought refuge from the cold.


…the story

However instead of helping him, passers-by filmed the extraordinary scene, which showed the lad jogging along wearing just a pair of socks and trainers.

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The incident occurred just after 10am on Saturday in the southern Argentinian city of Bariloche, where the temperature was a cool six degrees celsius.
According to reports, the woman’s husband left for work but came home unexpectedly to find her lover hiding under the bed.
Knife wielding husband

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 …local reaction, too funny

One local joked on social media: “Was that man really making love with his trainers on? “What sort of a man is that?”
Laura Puliti added: “The person who should have ended up having to run off naked was the wife and not this poor man.”
And Sergio Hugo joked: “The poor fellow was only giving the husband a hand and attending to his wife so he could go off to work.
“How inconsiderate!!!”

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