Their Greed knew no bounds:  George Ishler and Danielle Geier shove Penn State professor, Ronald Bettig, 80 ft to his death because they believed they were named in his will 

George Ishler Jr. (l) and Danielle R. Geier, charged with murdering their friend Ronald Bettig, shoved to his death from an 80-foot cliff because the pair believed they were named in his will

Penn State professor allegedly killed by friends who believed they were beneficiaries of his will 

George Ishler Jr., 39, and Danielle R. Geier, 32, planned to drown professor Bettig in the ocean in Delaware but did not follow through

Ishler allegedly pushed 56-year-old Ronald Bettig off Blackhawk Quarry, an 80-foot drop, same day

Geier faces charges of conspiracy,first-degree murder, third-degree murder, aggravated assault and tampering with evidence

Ishler earlier charged with first and third-degree murder in Bettig’s death

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Ronald Bettig was shoved to his death from an 80-foot cliff by two people who believed they were named in his will.

A man and a woman allegedly, conspired and pushed a Penn State professor to his death after believing they were named in his will, police said. Rockview State police uncovered the murder plot after finding Ronald Bettig’s body in a quarry on Wednesday.
Danelle Geier, 32, who was aliving with Bettig before his murder, originally planned with 39-year-old George Ishler, to kill the media studies professor by drowning him during a trip to Rehoboth Beach in Delaware.

Bettig, who has been a professor at Penn State since 1988, had been friends with the two suspected killers, Geier and Ishler, who police said were “known drug users”. The pair told police they believed Bett
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ig named them in a new version of his will, and are accused of killing him for the benefits.
Ishler later lured the 56-year-old associate professor to a quarry near Rimmey Road in the Potter Township, with the promise of being able to harvest marijuana plants along the cliffs. Once up there, police said the suspect shoved Bettig off, dropping him 80 feet below to his death.
Ishler told police he heard Bettig’s body “crunch” upon impact, according to the police report.


Co-conspirator Danelle Geier had sent a text message to George Ishler, claiming she was “so ready I am pissed off”,  the day of the murder

The two then faked the scene by putting Bettig’s water bottles, flashlight, hand rake and a bag near the quarry, along with his car, to make it look like he was alone.

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The professor had been missing since Aug. 12, but the two waited three days before telling police Bettig was gone, suggesting he might have fled to California.
The two were busted after officers noticed inconsistencies with their stories.
The day Bettig was killed, Ishler had gotten into an argument with the professor, calling him “ignorant” to Geier.

George Ishler1

George Ishler lured the professor to a quarry with the promise of harvesting marijuana plants, before pushing him off a cliff to his death

In a text message to Ishler, Geier wrote, “So ready I am pissed off,” in a likely reference to killing the academic. She told officers that she was angry at Bettig for criticizing how she was raising her child. Geier was arraigned on Saturday and faces charges for murder, aggravated assault, evidence-tampering and conspiracy.
Ishler had already been charged with first-and third-degree murder, Friday. He is being held without bail pending a hearing at the end of the month.




One thought on “Their Greed knew no bounds:  George Ishler and Danielle Geier shove Penn State professor, Ronald Bettig, 80 ft to his death because they believed they were named in his will ”

  1. And I personally know several people that George Ishler had arrested for selling narcotics and work with the police to get them busted yet the police let this man walk and look what he is capable of doing. Speaks volumes for polices ability to separate real criminals from people who just happens to break the law.


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