Michael Hughes, held captive by gang of travelers 26 years -‘forced to fight as his captors stood and laughed’, ‘I WAS A SLAVE FOR 26 YEARS’

Michael Hughes was rescued by cops in 2014 after living in ‘atrocious conditions’ in a shed with no light or heating

He waas kept as a slave by travellers for 26 years has told how he was forced to fight to for entertainment.

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Michael Hughes was rescued by cops in 2014 after living in “atrocious conditions” in a shed with no light or heating.

The 46-year-old was banned from using the toilet and had to go in a nearby field.

He was paid $15 to work 14-hour days.

Michael Hughes

His captors have bee jailed .  Mr Hughes told The Sunday Times: “Sometimes they’d make you fight, for their own sport.”
“They’d just be standing and laughing saying, ‘Oh, look at my dosser, he’s better than your dosser,’ and that guy would get a kicking or else get pushed back in, to have another go.”


These modern day slave masters abducted him when he left his home in Aberdeen aged 17 for Cardiff in search of work.

A gang was convicted of kidnapping Mr Hughes and another man, known as “Mr K”, and forcing them to perform forced labour.

They were jailed for 27 years at Cardiff Crown Court.

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Patrick Joseph Connors headed the family who forced two homeless men to live in squalid conditions for 26 years. They were forced to work as labourers for tarmacking and building.

perpPatrick Dean Connors

Connors , his sons Patrick Dean Connors and William Connors – made the pair sleep in sheds and caravans without running water

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Patrick Joseph Connors, Patrick Dean Connors and William Connors, all of Rumney, Cardiff, were all found guilty of one charge of kidnap.

Carbis was cleared of the forced labour charges.

Patrick Joseph Connors was also convicted of eight charges of actual bodily harm and four of conspiracy to kidnap an was sentenced to 14 years

Patrick Dean Connors was sentenced to six-and-a-half years, William Connors jailed for four years and Carbis for two-and-a-half years.


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