Neighborhood lovefest turns into killing spree: Ex-sailor, Antonio Hinkle, killed saving children from gunfire during celebration – ‘Love Thy Neighbor Day’ turns to ‘Kill Thy Neighbor Day’ in Alabama


Navy vet,  Antonio Hinkle was killed  saving children fleeing  the mayhem

Neighborhood lovefest celebrations turns deadly in Brighton, Alabama

old enemies settling old scores, indiscriminately exchange gunfire inbetween celebrating crowd of men, women and children, killing one, injuring six ,including 4-year-old girl

Ex-sailor and father of three, Antonio Hinkle, 32, killed while saving children fleeing from gunfire

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Jimmy Williams, 47, his son, Samarjay Leshore, 19, arrested, charged with attempted murder and first-degree assault

De”Marcus Rashaad Brown, 19,  charged with gun carrying  without  permit

Additional charges for murder expected, pending investigations

Jimmy Williams (left) Samarjay Leshore (center) De"Marcus Rashaad Brown (right)Jimmy William (left) and Samarjay Leshore (center) have been charged with attempted murder and first-degree assault, De”Marcus Rashaad Brown (right) for carrying a weapon without a permit.

Old foes celebrating scores, turned a “Love Thy Neighbor day” celebration in Alabama into a combat zone as gunfire erupted, leaving one man dead, injuring six others, including a 4-year-old girl.
According to Brighton police chief Ray Hubbart, the annual gathering, which had up to 500 people, turned to bloodshed when Samarjay Leshore and Brandon Moore began fighting.

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The two had been feuding in the past and brought their differences to the park on “Love Thy Neighbor” day, police said.
Moore was shot four times, twice in the stomach, once in his hand and once in the back. He is still recovering in the hospital.
Several others were caught in the crossfire, including 32-year-old Navy veteran, Antonio Hinkle. The ex-sailor had spent the day cooking food for his friends, and died protecting children.
“He was just an innocent bystander,” chief Hubbart said. “He was pushing kids out of the way. He tried to save these kids’ lives and he lost his life doing it.”
Hubbart said Hinkle was the son of Brighton’s former mayor, Angelo Hinkle, who was in office from 1996 until 2012. Hinkle was a father of three, and had previously served in the Navy.

One killed, six injured, when gunfire erupted on “Love Thy Neighbor” day in Brighton, Alabama
One person was killed and six injured, when “Love Thy Neighbor” day became a shootout in Brighton, Alabama

A mother and her 4-year-old daughter were both shot in the leg while fleeing the violent scene. Her boyfriend was also hit by the gunfire.
Police arrested three suspects in the deadly shootout during the gathering meant to celebrate peace and love.

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Jimmy Williams, 47, and his son, Samarjay Leshore, 19, were arrested and charged with attempted murder and first-degree assault. A third suspect, De’Marcus Brown, 19, was charged with carrying a weapon without a permit.
The event was organized by Isaac Bruister, the associate minister of Friendship Baptist Church, who condemned the violence after the shooting.

Isaac Bruister, an associate minister at Friendship Baptist Church in Brighton, organized the “Love Thy Neighbor” day celebration on Saturday

Event organizer, Isaac Bruister, associate minister at Friendship Baptist Church in Brighton – “The day is called ‘Love Thy Neighbor.’ It’s not called ‘kill thy neighbor’”

“The day is called ‘Love Thy Neighbor.’ It’s not called ‘kill thy neighbor,’” Bruister said.
“Any time a human being can shoot into a crowd where babies, mothers, fathers are at, that’s a demonic being. That’s not a human being. He’s used by Satan.”

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Police are still investigating which one of the three men in custody fired the shot that killed Hinkle before issuing a murder charge. All three men were released on bond. Police found four handguns at the scene.
Community members held a vigil for Hinkle on Sunday after he sacrificed his life to save others. Bruister has vowed to continue hosting the “Love Thy Neighbor” annual event, promising to keep the peace for the future.


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