L’affair du Celeste: Celeste Guap formerly of the Oakland police teen prostitution and sex scanal, arrested at a Florida rehab center, held on $300,000 bond


Celeste Guap, 19, (real name Jasmin Celeste Absulin), the teenager at the center of the Oakland police sex scandal has been arrested and being held on $300, 000 bond. She was arrested after a violent outburst at a Florida rehab center.

It has been reported that  Celeste Guap claims she had had sex with more than 30 Bay Area cops from at least seven different law enforcement agencies, some of which occurred when she was underage. Investigations are still have internal personnel investigations pending.

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She flew to Florida on Friday to participate in a drug rehabilitation program.

…the melt down

Celeste Abuslin arrived at the Treasure Coast Recovery Center in Stuart on Friday, the day after her 19th birthday, three days later, she has been locked up at the Martin County Jail in Florida on $300,000 bail on  a charge of aggravated battery .

Incident reports from  Martin County Sheriff’s Office show that, she was “being abusive towards staff,”.

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Celeste Guap was talking about how many officers she slept with in California and past drug use, in the course of the discussion, she become abusive towards staff and officers were called in to the rehab facility to  contain the situation

She then admits blacking out and ripping a blind off the window.

The incident report  also states, Guap flashed people at the rehab center and people driving by.


“Abuslin removed the clothing covering her chest and began flashing passing motorists,”

A worker at the rehabilitation center was able to convince Guap to come back inside and put her in a small room.

Two security officers went into the room with the worker.

“The workers were afraid Abuslin was going to become violent,” the report says. “Sanders stated Abuslin began posturing in an aggressive manner, balling her fists and taking a bladed stance.”

Guap began screaming and lunged at one of the security officers.

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The rehabilitation center worker tried restraining Guap and she ended up biting him on the arm.


“While on scene I observed Sanders had teeth marks on his right forearm,” according to the report.

…he kicked it off


…her story

Celeste was getting treatment for heroin and sex addiction. She said Richmond police investigators told her she had to go to rehab, “They said it was a paid vacation, to consider it a paid vacation.” A victim’s fund will be paying for the rehab. Three days after  her arrival, this incident she was “being abusive towards staff,” occurs.

The incident report says she “ran outside the front of the facility” and “removed the clothing covering her chest and began flashing passing motorists.”


Workers got her back inside, she started a physical altercation and began screaming at employees and then lunged at a female security guard. A male security guard attempted to restrain her, she bit the man on the forearm. This incidents were recorded in a security video. Police were invited and the incident reported.

Abuslin  was taken into custody after police viewed the security video. Martin County Sheriff’s deputies viewed security video of the incident at the rehab center before taking Abuslin into custody.

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It has been reported,  the video shows her causing the altercation, lunging at security officers, and attempting to pull a safe over, but the camera did not catch her biting the guard.

She slipped out of the  initial handcuffs provided and a smaller pair had to be used. Once deputies put her in the back of their patrol car,  Celeste repeatedly hit her head against the window, “during the entire incident and transport, Abuslin was attempting to solicit sex from deputies”.


The security guard that Abuslin bit was en route to a local hospital.

On the way to the rehab center, Abuslin called and texted Dan Noyes of ABC news. Abuslin also threatened, she was going to jump out of the recovery center’s van on the highway to try to kill herself. She also told Dan she was in contact with a Miami pimp, who would pick her up from the rehab center if it didn’t go well.

No date has been set yet for her next court appearance.

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…rehab needed

Sarai Smith-Mazariegos, is an Oakland nonprofit the helps survivors of sex trafficking and exploitation, is concerned, but not surprised by the teenager’s behavior.

“Behavior is the effect of trauma. It’s not that she’s a bad person or she’s horrible. It’s the fact that she’s dealing with a lot of trauma. She doesn’t even understand her own victimization,”

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Getting help is the first step, but healing may take years. – Smith-Mazariegos.

Richmond Police Assistant Chief Bisa French said she could not comment because there is still a pending internal personnel investigation into the conduct of several current and former police officers.



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