Oklahoma woman Patricia Spann, charged for wedding her own daughter, Misty Spann – She was previously married to her biological son, who later filed for annulment when he realized it was incest

Patricia Spann, 43, and her her 25-year-old daughter Misty Spann, announced themselves as a married couple, March 25 

The pair have been arrested for the incestuous and ‘illegal’ marriage 

A DHS investigator who visited their home reported the women to police

The mother claims she could wed her daughter Because the her ‘name was not on the birth certificate’. She had lost custody of all three children to her husband whom she   divorced when the kids were little

Since reconnecting with the kids two years ago, Patricia Spann is having her scond incestuous relationship with her one of her kids in less than a decade

In 2008 she wedded her biological son, Jody Spann Jr., the marriage was dissolved two years later on the basis of incest

Bond set at $10,000 each, could be hit with felony charges, facing up to 10 years behind bars.

patricia-spann-and-her-daughter-misty-spann3Patricia Ann Spann (left) now married to her daughter (right) after being married to her son, earlier
A 43-year-old Oklahoma mother married her 25-year-old biological daughter in an incestuous act that could put them behind bars for a decade, police said.
 Patricia Ann Spann and her daughter Misty Velvet Dawn Spann were wanted on charges of incest after a child welfare investigator who visited their Duncan home reported them to Police in Southwest Oklahoma secured a warrant for their arrest Friday and later booked them into Stephens County jail on the felony charges. Misty Spann, at 25 should know better than to sleep with her own mother. She is also charged with incest.
The elder Spann now has the unenviable record of having married both her daughter and her eldest son, marriage records in Comanche County showed. She listed her last name as “Clayton” in the March 25 marriage to Misty Spann, according to the marriage license records.
Yet she listed her name as “Patricia Ann Clayton Spann” in the 2008 marriage to Jody Spann Jr., according to the records. He filed for an annulment 15 months later, citing “incest” as the reason, investigators said.

Patricia Spann and  Misty Spann, in an incestuous marriage

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Patricia Claton Span3.jpg

43-year-old Patricia Ann Spann, seeking conjugal bliss in her biological children, is charged with incest for wedding her own daughter

After the discovery by The state Department of Human Services Child Welfare Division investigator in August, DHS gave a referral to the Duncan Police Department regarding

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incestuous relations between two family members at a household after DHS representatives visited on a child welfare investigation.
While at the residence, DHS workers had “uncovered information that led (the worker) to believe there was an incestuous relationship occurring between one Patricia Ann Spann and one Misty Velvet Dawn Spann,” reports state.
According to the DHS referral, an interview with Patricia Spann indicated she is the biological mother of Misty Spann and two others living inside the residence.  Patricia Spann told the worker she had lost custody of the three children previously, each of whom were adopted by their grandmother.
Patricia Spann had no contact with her children until about two years ago, but when Patricia and Misty met, “they hit it off.”

Misty, going about getting her mother’s love the wrong way

Apparently, Patricia Spann told the DHS worker she had looked into repercussions of the two marrying and “that because her name was no longer listed on Misty’s birth certificate, she felt no laws had been violated.”

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Patricia Spann told the social welfare worker she lost custody of her three kids to their father’s mother and fell out of contact for years, investigators said. She said she and her daughter “hit it off” when they reunited about two years ago, the documents showed.
Police said the mother and daughter admitted their biological relationship and wedding.
Yet Patricia Spann told the child welfare worker she didn’t think they had violated any laws because her name is no longer listed on her daughter’s birth certificate.
Investigators checked the certificate at Duncan Regional Hospital and found the elder Spann’s signature on her daughter’s original certificate.  However, a more recent recent version bears the signature of Misty Spann’s grandmother, investigators said.

misty-spann-charged-with-incest1Misty Spann, at 25 should know better than to sleep with her own mother. She is also charged with incest

At the arraignment, a judge set the Spanns’ bond at $10,000,Wednesday  and ordered them not to contact witnesses, the Banner reported.
Oklahoma incest laws prohibit blood relatives from getting married or having sex with each other. The felony charge carries up to 10 years behind bars.



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