Florida woman charged with trying to hire undercover cop to kill her ex-husband wanted ex kidnapped and forced“ into sex slavery” instead;

Racheal Leah was arrested for attempting premeditated murder on her ex

34-year-old Rachael Natalie Leahy was arrested, Thursday at her final meeting after paying half the murder fee to undercover cop

She was charged with offering $5,000 to hitman kill her ex-husband. She asked asked if he could be kidnapped and forced “into sex slavery” instead

She wanted sole custody of their 3 children and planned to pay for the ‘job’ with life insurance policy provided in the divorce decree of which she was a beneficiary

Offered hitman another hit on a person “holding money that belonged to her”, if he was successful

She’s charged with solicitation of premeditated murder

She is on upervised released with a $100,000 bond and ankle monitor, surrendered her passport and firearms, no contact with ex-husband ordered

Racheal Leahy3.JPGRachael Leahy met several times with an undercover officers, to discuss plans for the hit before she was finally arrested, Thusday

A Florida woman was arrested Thursday meeting with an undercover detective she presumed was a killer-for-hire.
34-year-old Rachael Natalie Leahy  has been was charged with offering $5,000 to the supposed ‘hitman’ to kill her ex-husband. After paying half the agreed fee and exploring murder options in prior sessions, Leahy asked if he could be snatched and forced into ‘sex slavery’ instead.

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A spokesperson the the Manatee County sheriff’s office said Leahy wanted to get custody of the three children she shares with her 59-year-old ex-husband.
According to the detectives, they contacted her after receiving a tip that she wanted her ex-husband dead. On Aug. 29, she asked the undercover officer, whom she thought was a hitman, if he he could be “kidnapped and taken to other country and made into a sex slave.”,
According to the affidavit, she soon realized that “wasn’t a realistic expectation.”
Leahy also discussed other potential methods of murdering her 59-year-oldex-husband, including a drowning, a car crash and a fire, investigators said.
She finally settled on leave the killing up to the hitman, on one condition, “She stated that if it was a vehicle accident, there could be no guarantee that he died from that,” the affidavit said. “Rachael described that she needs certainty and he must die.”

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Three days later, she provided pictures of her 59-year-old ex, a cash deposit and a copy of divorce papers outlining the life insurance policy she promised to use to pay the killer-for-hire.
When the undercover officer reminded her she could always change her mind:
“Rachael said that she has not changed her mind,” according to the affirdavit. “She said she wants her kids back and she has played nice for too long.”

Racheal Leahy2.JPG

Leahy who claims to be on food stamps wanted sole custody of their three children and dangled the prospect of more hit jobs before the ‘hitman’

Racheal Leahy4.JPG

Rachael Leahy wanted sole custody of the three children from her marriage, she opted to be rid of her ex

Leahy who initially paid $1000, showed up,Thursday at their agreed meeting spot,  with $1,500 in cash. The conspirators discussed plans for her to be out of the country during the murder and the prospect of a person “holding money that belonged to her as another possible other “job” for the hitman. She was arrested at  the meeting spot, and charged with solicitation of premeditated murder.
She was later granted conditional release after posting a $100,000 bond, Friday.
Her bond requires supervised release, an ankle bracelet monitor, the surrender of her passport and any weapons. It also mandates she not contact her ex-husband.
Fendi Women’s Handbag Peekaboo, BlackFighting to have bond reduced to $25,000 at an initial hearing, Leahy told Manatee County Judge Robert Farrance, that she was on food stamps, occasionally stayed with a male friend and didn’t have a job but sometimes did auto detailing to earn gas money.
“I agree to all the stipulations, your honor, but I can’t do a bond that high,” Leahy told presiding judge Farrance at the hearing.
Leahy told Farrance that she was on food stamps, occasionally stayed with a male friend and didn’t have a job but sometimes did auto detailing to earn gas money.
Assistant State Attorney Darlene Ragoonanan had asked for a $1 million bond, in addition to all the conditions, because Leahy had plans to leave the country at the time of her arrest, she said.
“During the investigation, it was discovered that she had plans to leave the country today out of Miami and not return next Friday” .


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