Khoudia Diop,19, dark, mysterious, beautiful and a successful fashion cum role model – a lesson in standing up to bullies


Khoudia Diop is a 19-year-old from Senegal who has faced bullying throughout her life simply because of the color of her skin.

“I was picked on by other kids, when I was a bit younger because [of the darkness] of my skin tone,” she told The Huffington Post. “But this is something that is actually quite normal in Senegal. It’s not a nice feeling and I’ve had to learn to love myself more every day and tune out the negativity, which helps a lot!”diop

“As I grew, I learned to love myself more every day, and not pay attention to the negative people”

“If you’re lucky enough to be different, don’t ever change”


“One of my goals is to make all my dark-skinned sisters out there laugh at those with their “beauty standards”


Khoudia only started modelling 2 years ago when she was just 17, but she already has over 235k followers on Instagram


Credit boredpanda

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