Woman arrested for ‘shoving’ another woman to her death in front of subway train at New York’s Times Square station

30-year-old woman she pushed another commuter to her death in front of a moving train at Times Square subway station, NY

The suspect, allegedly, had been arguing with the victim before the incident

Cops found the remains of the 49-year-old woman on the tracks at Times Square,42nd St station 

The  suspect was taken into custody at the scene by police

The suspect, in pink shirt, is taken into custody after allegedly shoving a woman in front of a moving train to her death

A woman died after being shoved into the path of an oncoming train, Monday afternoon, according to police,  who said they have taken a suspect into custody, a 30-year-old woman was taken into custody after allegedly shoving the 49-year-old woman to her death in front of a moving train at a busy New York subway station during an argument.
Emergency personnel rushed to the station, where the victim died after being pushed in front of a southbound No. 1 train around 1:20 p.m., the sources said.


Transit police at the scene  remove the victim’s body from the tracks

Witnesses said the suspect had been arguing with the victim showed no remorse as she was led away by officers at the Times Square train station, Monday.
The victim had been standing on the platform when the suspect, wearing a pink shirt and scarf, lunged at her, police said.   She was shoved onto the tracks of a southbound 1 train at about 1:20pm and was pronounced dead on the scene shortly afterward.
Witnesses immediately alerted transit police, who arrested the 30-year-old suspect before she could leave the station.

New York City police arrest a woman after a commuter was pushed in front of a subway train

It was a very disturbing scene for the witnesses. The incident happened on a downtown platform at the Times Square-42nd Street station

It was not immediately clear whether the suspect knew the victim, who police did not identify., but some witnesses said the victim and the suspect were involved in a dispute before the fatal shove.

The suspect in the back of  police cruiser, Monday
NYPD officers taking the woman who allegedly pushed another woman to her death, out of Union Square station 

William Aubry, the police department’s chief of Manhattan detectives, said investigators were reviewing surveillance video and interviewing witnesses to determine a motive, but it was not immediately clear whether the women knew each other.
Addressing reporters at the station,  Joseph Fox, Chief of Transit Police for NYPD said ‘What happened here today is tragic’.

Eye witnesses described the suspect looking ‘proud’ as she was led away by officers.

‘Her head was up, kinda proud of what she did.’
Other commuters said the woman ‘looked like she didn’t give a damn’ as she was been handcuffed. Investigations are underway.

About three dozen police and other emergency officials responded to the incident at the station in midtown Manhattan.
The station, at the intersection of Seventh Avenue and 42nd Street, is one of New York’s busiest transit stops.
‘At 1.20pm, police responded to a 911 call regarding a person struck by a train,’ a police spokesman told Daily Mail Online.
‘Upon arriving, police observed a person, a 49-year-old female, on the subway tracks. She was pronounced deceased at the scene.
The spokesman added: ‘A 30-year-old woman was taken into custody.’
Two hours after the incident, emergency responders were working to remove the victim’s body from the tracks and resume service at the station before peak evening commuting hours.



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