Alleged ‘Party killer’, James Rackover ‘was not born James Beaudoin, changed his last name to match close friend and celebrity jeweler Jeffrey Rackover – he has been charged with James Lawrence Dilione, for the murder of Joseph Comunale


He was born James Beaudoin in Florida and has been arrested multiple times for burglary, armed robbery, and drug possession 

Sentenced to 6 years in prison on a plea deal following a 2009 arrest for robbery

Out of jail, he met celebrity jeweler Jeffrey Rackover at a health club, moved to New York into Jeffrey’s high class apartment, later changing his name to Rackover

James ‘Beaudoin’ Rackover, 25, and Lawrence Dilione, 28, have been charged with the murder of Joseph Comunale

Comunale, a Hofstra Univ student was bludgeoned with a knife, stabbed 15 times, hip broken and his remains was put in a suitcase before it was buried in Marshland in Jersey Shore

A 25-year-old party boy with a criminal past has been charged with the murder of Joseph Comunale, whose body was found in a shallow grave in New Jersey.
James Rackover is accused of killing 26-year-old Comunale over the weekend in his apartment in Manhattan.
James Rackover describes himself on Facebook as Broker at Lloyd’s of London  who studied at Florida State University , but the real story of who he is may be quite different.  He was born James Beaudoin in Florida, a felon with quite a rap sheet. He has multiple priors for burglary, armed robbery, and drug possession. After serving a 6 year stint for a 2009 robbery arrest, the freshly released, Beaudoin allegedly met celebrity New York jeweler Jeffrey Rackover at a health club. Subsequently he moved to New York, moved into Rackover’s super luxury apartment on the East side. Later James Beaudoin reinvented himself with a name change, taking on Rackover’s name.


 James Rackover (left),  being led by detectives after his arrest Thursday

Thursday, James ‘Beaudoin’ Rackover wa arrested and charged with the murder of Joseph Comunale. His pal Lawrence Dilione, 28, of Jersey City, New Jersey has also been charged with murder.
The two men are facing charged of second-degree murder, tampering with physical evidence and concealment of a human corpse after they allegedly stabbed Comunale 15 times and then tried to burn his body with gasoline on Sunday.
Dilione is also facing an additional charge for hindering prosecution. Police sources were quoted as saying that Rackover’s blood splattered apartment ‘yielded a mountain of damning evidence’. NYPD investigators even found bleach that appeared to have been used to clean the scene.

James Rackover5.png


James ‘Rackover’ Beaudoin and Lawrence Dilione

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