Pleads guilty: Isabelle Lagacé pleads guilty to smuggling cocaine worth $30 million into Australia on a cruise ship


Porn star Isabelle Lagacé pleads guilty to smuggling cocaine worth $30 million into Australia
Bikini-clad ‘drug mule’ Lagacé, 28, is accused of smuggling 95kg of cocaine into Australia on cruise ship
Canadian born Lagacé and Melina Roberge, 22, and Isabelle Lagacé and Melina Roberge, 22, travelled round the world while allegedly carrying “commercial quantities” of the Class A drug before being detained in Sydney
The two Quebec ‘Sugar babies’  chronicled their fabulous odyssey on social media
After her arrest images of Lagacé on porn website, Flashy Babes emerged
Lagacé  entered a plea of guilty to the charge of attempting to import a commercial quantity of cocaine and will be sentenced on the same date.
Mélina Roberge is disclaiming knowledge of drugs found in their shared cabin, enters a not-guilty plea
Isabelle Lagacé10.jpgIsabelle Lagacé the bikini-clad, globe-trotting drug mule 

Lagacé on a beach in Tahiti.jpg

Lagacé on a beach in Tahiti during her world cruise


Isabelle Lagacé, 28 and Mélina Roberge, 23,  were on a round-the-world cruise when police arrested them and found 95 kg of cocaine in suitcases, on a luxury cruise ship. The two women were charged with smuggle cocaine worth $23 million into Australia

Two women, from Quebec, had boarded the luxury cruise ship in Southampton, UK.

Former porn star Isabelle Lagacé, aka “Izabel”, today entered a guilty plea for cocaine smuggling.
Canadian born Lagacé and  Melina Roberge were part of a seven-member drug cartel aboard the MS Sea Princess as it cruised from New York via Tahiti to Sydney carrying nearly a ton of of cocaine, a court heard today.

Melina Roberge and Isabelle Legace20.jpgMélina Roberge and Isabelle Lagacé seemed to be having the time of their lives as they cruised the world
Isabelle Legace9.pngIsabelle Lagacé, also known as “Izabel”,  in the adult entertainment industry. Her story unfolded after her arrest on drug smuggling charges

The women, from Quebec, had boarded the luxury cruise ship in Southampton in June.
They were an integral part of a “floating warehouse” of drugs, having stashed 29kg of it in a suitcase in their tiny shared cabin, it was alleged.
In another cabin, the third co-accused in Australia’s biggest drug importation by passenger vessel Andre Tamine, 64, allegedly had up to 70kg in three suitcases.
Four men who were part of the alleged drug operation were also on board as the cruise ship sailed towards Australia, the court heard.

The two young women are pictured here in Los Gemelos
Hello world: Canadians ‘Sugarbabies’ Mélina Roberge and Isabelle Lagacé travelled round the world, ferrying “commercial quantities” of the Class A drug before they were caught in Sydney, Australia. Seen here in one of the photos they posted on Instagram.
IsabelleLagacé shows off her curves while hopping the pleasure spots of the world 


 Before turning into a globe-trotting drug mule Isabelle Lagacé, aka ‘Izabel’, had a secret past as a porn model

Standing alone during her trial, the Canadian porn star pled guilty to smuggling cocaine worth $31 million.
In a seperate trial another defendant in the case, evidence given during a committal hearing for Mélina Roberge alleged she was a knowing participant in the attempt to import the cocaine in commercial quantity into Australia, in August this year, reports

The MS Sea Princess cruised via Tahiti to Sydney carrying 95kg of cocaine

No love lost: Isabelle Lagacé and Mélina Roberge stashed over 30kg of cocaine in their cabin aboard. their partner, Andre Tamine, had 70KG of the drug in his own cabin. Roberge is claiming to have absolutely no knowledge of the the drug run – blames the whole debacle on Lagacé 
 Almost a ton of ‘coke’ in the luggage. Australian authorities say the cocaine has a street value of almost $31 million

Earlier on Friday, Magistrate Robert Williams committed the third defendant Andre Tamine to stand trial on February 3, after he waived his right to have a committal hearing.
Lagacé entered a plea of guilty to the charge of attempting to import a commercial quantity of cocaine and will be sentenced on the same date.
The maximum penalty for smuggling a commercial quantity of cocaine, a federal offence in Australia, is life imprisonment.
Roberge ‘s attorney, Ragni Mathur, contended that her client was unaware of the cocaine in her friend’s luggage in the cabin they shared. Four male passengers had traveled with the three accused on the cruise, Mathur said.
Mathur also told the court that Roberge had booked her ticket for the trip with another man who was not associated with the criminal enterprise behind the drug deal. Whereas,  Isabelle Lagacé and Andre Tamine had booked their cruise, together, Ms Mathur.
The cruise visited Colombia, French Polynesia Chile, Peru and New Zealand.

Roberge is seen here atop a mountain overlooking the sea in Ecuador
Mélina Roberge, claims the case against her is at best circumstantial – has pled not guilty to commercial drug importation charges

Mathur told the court her client [Roberge] should escape being committed for trial because she was only guilty by her association with her cabin mate.
CCTV footage of  Roberge embarking and disembarking the Sea Princess, had her declaring “nothing in her possession except a wallet or mobile phone”.
Whereas Lagacé, who carried both an iPhone and BlackBerry, known as a device “that is impossible to decode”, had allegedly told investigators “you won’t be getting that” when they asked for its password.
Ms Mathur said that Lagacé had also admitted at one point that she owned the suitcase in which cocaine was later found.

Isabelle Lagacé, aka Izabel, haa secret past as a porn model2.jpg

Isabelle Lagacé (pictured), as she appears on the website, Flashy Babes

Crown Prosecutor Lincoln Crowley told the court that although the Crown case against Roberge was circumstantial, she and Lagacé had travelled for more than a month in a tiny ship’s cabin in which there was a suitcase packed with almost 30kg of cocaine.
“The cocaine, 29kg of it, was found in a cabin occupied by Ms Roberge and Ms Lagacé  for the past 40 days, packed up, strapped up, taped up and sitting in a suitcase and would be worth a considerable amount of money,” Mr Crowley told the court.
“Two women are minding the cocaine. Lagacé and Roberge are warehousing a quantity of cocaine.
“It is in effect a floating warehouse. They are sitting on this until they get to Australia.”
Mr Crowley said the drug found in a Swiss suitcase in the girls’ cabin was in layers of ziplock plastic bags tied up with masking tape.

melina-roberge-and-isabelle-legace23Split by the specter of a life sentence: Mélina Roberge has thrown Isabelle Lagacé, right under the proverbial bus. She claims almost 30kg of cocaine found in a suitcase in their cabin belongs to Lagacé, alone

Roberge flaunts sneakers.jpg

Selfie addict Mélina Roberge flaunts her sneakers and passport aboard the cruise shipNINTCHDBPICT000263116490
Roberge in one of many bikini-clad Instagram photos from the drug smuggling cruise

He said the larger amount of cocaine allegedly found in Mr Tamine’s cabin was similarly packaged inside three suitcases.
Again Mathur, defense attorney for Roberge, contended that despite the fact that her client was friends with her travelling companion Lagacé, it did not mean she knew about the narco-smuggling enterprise.
“You don’t need two chickens to keep warm a golden egg,” she said.
The court’s decision on whether or not to commit Roberge to trial is scheduled for December 21.


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