Out of prison in a suitcase: Busted smuggling lover out of Venezuela prison in a suitcase

Antonieta Robles Saouda was arrested after trying to smuggle her boyfriend Ibrain Jose Vargas Garcia out of prison
Saouda tried rolling Garcia out of Jose Antonio Anzoategui prison in Venezuela curled up in a pink suitcase
She was caught when guards who observed her struggling to push the luggage searched the  suitcase 
25-year-old Saouda was arrested and Garcia, who is serving a 10 year stretch for car robbery was sent back to jail

She went to the Jose Antonio Anzoategui prison in Venezuela with her 6-year-old daughter to visit her lover, Ibrain Jose Vargas Garcia, with a plan to leave the facility as a happy family.
Saouda’s prison-break plot was foiled when she struggled to push the overstuffed suitcase, prompting guards at the prison to inspect the luggage.|
When they unzipped it, they discovered Garcia curled up inside, he had contorted his slender frame into the bag that was also stuffed with some of his daughter’s toys.
Garcia was immediately thrown back in jail, where he is already serving a nearly 10-year sentence for an auto robbery.
Saouda was also arrested and their daughter was taken into temporary custody by social services.
The mugshot of the pair  shows the lovers both in handcuffs with their pink suitcase, Saouda looking downcast at the ground while the defiant Garcia stares directly into the camera with a blank expression.


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