Lisa Smith, NYC correction officer by day, prostitute by night  arrested while moonlighting on her ‘second’ job

$75,000 a year NYC Correction Dept employee busted for moonlighting as an escort
Lisa Smith, 26 arrested at a Brooklyn motel for prostitution, Friday
Propositioned undercover cop, offered to have sex for $120
No prior arrests, immediate 30-day suspension,”is being terminated” –  Dept of Correction

correction-employee-lisa-smith-on-backpage-com2A city correction department employee could see what it’s like on the other side of the bars after she was arrested at a Brooklyn motel for allegedly moonlighting as a prostitute, sources said.
Lisa Smith’s ad on offers the promises: “Hi Guy’s i’m LISA. This is a one of a kind experience! I have a BEAUTIFUL face to match my Sexy Petite body.”
She was caught in a police sting operation Friday,  as her customer turned out to be an undercover officer who signaled for backup after she offered to have sex with him, and set a price for $120. Officers barged inside her room at the Days Inn in Sunset Park, and took her into custody, the sources said.
Smith, 26, was arraigned in Brooklyn Criminal court, accused of offering to perform a sexual act in exchange for money to an undercover officer and released without bail.

lisa-smith-on-backpage-com4Smith who is assigned to the Federal Narcotics Task Force has been given a 30-day suspension, her employment will  is likely to be terminated

Smith who had no prior arrests was given a 30-day suspension and could be fired pending the outcome of her case.
The suspect who earned $75,000, will be fired, said Department spokesman, Peter Thorne.
“We have zero tolerance for any illegal behavior on the part of staff,” Thorne said. “This employee was immediately suspended and is being terminated.”
The Brooklyn resident is a civilian employee at the Department of Correction, and is assigned to the Federal Narcotics Task Force, which is comprised of several law enforcement entities.

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