‘butt dial’ got him! Jill Thomas Grant, apparently begged for life in ‘butt dial’ voicemail before boyfriend Michael John Franco, slit her throat with a box cutter

Jill Thomas Grant, a math teacher found dead two days before Christmas in 2013
Boyfriend Michael John Franco, is accused of slitting her throat with a box cutter, running her over with a car and dumping her corpse on a golf course 
Tape reveals Grant apparently begging for her life in ‘butt dial’ voicemail 
Franco who pled not guilty to the slaying,  allegedly confessed to a cellmate that he cut Grant’s throat during a fight
He admitted taking her to the golf course and killing her as she tried to escape
Jill Thomas Grant1.jpg
Jill Thomas Grant, begged for her life as her boyfriend slaughtered her around Christmas 2013

A teacher in Palm Desert, California who was murdered three years ago spoke from the grave. In fresh filings against her alleged killer, she is heard begging for her life in an accidental call made by the defendant, fresh court documents say.

Riverside County court documents filed last week include a transcription of the final voicemail left by Jill Thomas Grant, a math teacher found dead two days before Christmas in 2013.
Her boyfriend, Michael John Franco, is accused of slitting her throat with a box cutter, running her over with a car and dumping her corpse on a golf course.

Jill Tomas Grant3.png
Palm Desert teacher, Jill Thomas Grant [Right], was allegedly killed by her boyfriend, Michael John Franco in 2013
Michael John Franco3.png
Shackled Michael John Franco in court [photo]

The agonizing last moments are captured in the “butt dial” message, in which Grant is heard apparently dissuade her assailant by come up with a cover story if he will just abandon his murderous intentions.
“What if I drive the car someplace and call myself and say I was attacked? Would that work?” Grant says, according to a transcript obtained by the Deseret News.
She says the two can “think of something to say.”
“I am sure we can think of something,” she says.The transcript notes that parts of the call are inaudible, according to the Sun.
The voicemail came from Franco’s phone and ended up in the mailbox of a friend. “What do you want me to say? What should I say?”
Although Franco who had pled not guilty to tall charges is due in court for a pre-trial hearing on Tuesday.
Further evidence strengthened the state’s case against the suspect after he was put behind bars. In court filings, prosecutors claim Franco confessed to one of his cell mates, who will now be called as a witness in the upcoming trial.

Michael John Franco4.png
Franco killed his girlfriend in a fiendishly vicious manner, before robbing her and trying to abscond to Mexico
Franco allegedly told the cell mate he cut Grant’s throat during an argument, then took her to the golf course, injured but still alive, to bury her body.
He claimed he ran her over with her own car when Grant tried to escape,. The cell mate claims Franco said he would “beat the case because he’s going to act crazy and go to Patton [State Hospital] for seven years.”’.
His defense attorney, Dante Gomez, has argued that this reference to Patton should be excluded from the upcoming trial because it’s irrelevant to whether or not Franco killed Grant.
However,  allegation that Franco hit his victim with a car appears to be backed up by physical evidence. When Franco was arrested driving Grant’s car, police found blood on the front bumper and hand prints on the hood. Grass in the wheel well appeared to come from a golf course, just like the course where Grant’s body was found.
Prosecutors said they also have security footage of Franco using Grant’s ATM card to take money the night she was killed. He was busted with bank cards, a cellphone and a Glock pistol all belonging to her.
After police Tasered and arrested him, Franco allegedly said he was trying to flee to Mexico but would now be “going to prison for the rest of his life,” prosecutors said

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