Only 40 months???? Police psychologist Emily Dearden, pleads guilty to shooting husband to be with lover –

Police shrink admits her attempt to ‘execute’ her husband, shooting him in the face with a hand gun, in love triangle

Emily Dearden, 48, was initially charged with attempted murder in the November 2013 shooting of Kenneth Dearden in their Bronxville, NY home

Faced up to 25 years in state prison

Emily Dearden pled guilty to shooting husband to be with lover, Friday

Ex-husband testified Emily, of tried to execute him because she “had been having an on-and-off extramarital affair since at least early 2011.”,  to avoid a “contentious divorce” 

Warren Roudebush who ended his own marriage shortly before the shooting, was pressuring Emily end hers “so they could be together”

Will serve 40 months in jail

Emily Darden signs her plea agreement in court.png
Former New York Police psychologist Emily Dearden, who pled guilty to the charged of shooting husband in love triangle, signs her plea deal in Yonkers City Court , NY on Friday
 An ex-NYPD shrink pleaded guilty Friday to shooting her husband in the face, allegedly so she could start a new life with her married Texas lover. The 48-year-old mother of two who worked as a psychologist for the NYPD admitted Friday to putting a gun to her husband’s head and pulling the trigger.
Emily Dearden,  was initially charged with attempted murder in the November 2013 shooting and faced up to 25 years in state prison. But under a negotiated deal, she pleaded guilty in Yonkers City Court to first-degree assault and will get just 3 1/2 years.
She remains free on $150,000 bail and will be sentenced June 7.
emily-darden1Emily Dearden in brown regulation uniform, stands with her attorneys during her plea hearing, Friday

Emily was accused in a lawsuit by her husband, Kenneth, of trying to execute him with an antique derringer because she “had been having an on-and-off extramarital affair since at least early 2011.”
She wanted to take him out of the picture to avoid a “contentious divorce,” according to the suit.
In the court, his ex-wife Emily, admitted to firing an antique Derringer at him, outside their home near the Bronxville-Yonkers municipal line in November 2013.

Emily [left] confessed to shooting ex Kenneth Dearden, to be with her lover

Her lover, Warren Roudebush, ended his own marriage shortly before the November 2013 shooting and was pressuring Emily to do the same “so that they could be together,” according to the court papers filed in White Plains.
“With [Kenneth] no longer in the picture, [Emily] could avoid a contentious divorce, keep the marital home and never admit the marriage infidelity to any family and friends,” the suit says.
Kenneth Dearden woke up with a bullet in his jaw. The bullet that struck him, entered at the back of his neck, near the base of his skull, passed underneath his ear canal and lodged in his left cheek. He underwent surgeries to remove the bullet and to repair a severed artery to his brain.

the-deardens-home-in-bronxville-where-wife-emily-allegedly-shot-her-husband1Crime scene: Former NYPD shrink Emily Dearden admitted shooting her husband Kenneth in their Bronxville, NY home in Nov., 2013. Her motive was to avoid divorce while she moved on to her lover

Although his wife initially reported an intruder in the home, but cops who responded to Kenneth’s 911 call “seemed skeptical” because there were no signs of forced entry, the home’s burglar alarm wasn’t tripped and the family’s pet Rottweiler didn’t react, the suit says.According to Kenneth’s suit, Emily claimed to have been knocked out by an intruder.
Police came to focus on Emily as a suspect after she hastily washed the clothes she wore that night and was seen removing items from the house. A recently-fired Derringer in the basement sealed the deal.
Kenneth, a developer and vice chairman of the Yonkers Downtown/Waterfront Business Improvement District, and Emily have two teenage daughters. They had a home in a posh section of Yonkers.
Emily, who was employed by NYPD in 2002, was responsible for evaluating potential hires. She was placed on desk duty since her arrest, on Friday after her conviction, the department suspended her pending a disciplinary hearing to fire her. Later in the day, she resigned.


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