An Ode To The Strong Woman – Anny Robert …breath taking

Celebrity photographer, Anny Robert,  commemorates the International women’s month by a brand new set of exquisite photographs. These are accompanied with a poem that is an ode to the strength boldness and courage of a woman.


The breathing oxymoron

Shrouded in mystery
A warm blend of power and subtlety
Her gait steady with the movement of an enigma-impossible to decipher

Beautiful in all her complexities
She pauses dead in her tracks, thinking, contemplating
Her wealth of wisdom both a blessing and a curse
Opening the gates of her mind’s journey
Disappearing Into the abyss of her thoughts
Drowning in the depth of her imagination
Script riddled with unplanned characters
Plot twists consistent with the narrative
The depth of her strength permeates the calmness of her touch
Her compassion and her need for control- vulnerability etched into the latter
Boldness unbridled
Ready, set, action!









Photography: @Anny_Robert

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