Excited or Disconnected?? Sarah Fowlkes, in police net, hours after celebrating her birthday with her husband – smiling through her booking – it’s still pedophilia!!!

‘The extracurricular must have been real good,  pedophile teacher smiling through booking after turning herself in on improper sexual contact with teen student’

High school biology teacher in Texas, Sarah Madden Fowlkes, arrested for improper conduct with a student
Fowlkes, 27, a third year teacher at Lockhart High School, near Austin  is accused of ‘having sex with a 17-year-old student at her school’
She was arrested and booked into jail on Monday, after the allegations came to light
Fowlkes who has been married for three years was also suspended from the teaching job she’s held for three years

Turned herself in hours after celebrating her birthday with her husband, but appeared to smile through her booking at Caldwell County Jail on Monday
Faces a charge of improper relationship between an educator and a student, a second-degree felony
Could serve Faces faces up to 20-years behind bars if she is convicted, cops said they have text evidence
Sarah Fowlkes6.jpgSarah Fowlkes with husband Ever smiling Sarah Fowlkes seen shoping [left], riding on her husband’s back [right]

A married science teacher grinned from ear to ear as she posed for a mugshot after being arrested on suspicion of having a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old student.
Sarah Fowlkes, 27, has been suspended from her job at Lockhart High School, 35 miles southeast of Austin, Texas. She faces up to 20-years behind bars for the alleged crime, if she is convicted.
Fowlkes, who has worked as a biology teacher at the school since October 2014, was booked into Caldwell County Jail on Monday, hours after celebrating her birthday with her husband.
Lockhart police had obtained an arrest warrant for Fowlkes who turned herself in.

Sarah Fowlkes1.jpg
Alleged pedo teacher smiles through booking into the county jail, Monday
 Accordint o the  Houston Chronicle,  police were alerted to possible inappropriate contact between a student and a teacher, March 10.

Investigators say they found evidence of messages exchanged between her and the student that indicated ‘Their contact was of a sexual nature’.
Police Chief Ernest Pedraza reportedly charged Fowlkes, with engaging in ‘sexual contact with the intent to arouse or gratify the sexual desire of’ the alleged victim.

Sarah Fowlkes4.jpgSarah Fowlkes3.jpgSarah Fowlkes celebrating at her birthday Bash hours earlier
Fowlkes who has been married since 2013, celebrated her 27th birthday with her husband the day before she was arrested for having improper relationship between an educator and a student is a second-degree felony punishable by up to 20 years in prison.Investigators started looking into the complaint on March 10, when they received a report from a school administrator regarding the potential inappropriate relationship.
Police determined the male student had been in contact with Fowlkes in person and via messages.

Sarah Fowlkes5

Detectives in Lockhart, which is about 35 miles from Austin, said when interviewed, the 17-year-old student admitted to having sexual contact with the teacher.
A warrant was issued for her arrest on Monday. Authorities say she turned herself in and bonded out on the same day.
Lockhart Independent School District immediately suspended Fowlkes, pending an appearance before the State Board for Educator Certification.
School superintendent Susan Bohn said: ‘Lockhart parents entrust their children to us every day, and it is something we do not take lightly.
‘Student safety is the district’s most important priority. As soon as we learned of the report, we acted swiftly to involve law enforcement and CPS to conduct a thorough investigation. The district does not and will not tolerate any improper communication or contact between a teacher and child.’
Her profile page on the school’s website, which has since been deleted, talks about her her high ideals. Fowlkes wrote: ‘I have very high expectations of myself as a teacher as well as of my students and I hope that this will be a formula for achievement.
‘I want this to be an enjoyable year for all of my students but also a productive, challenging and encouraging year with success for everyone.’


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