Battle of the Muffin top – Setting Goals, Eviction Notice is Served “you gotta go!!!”. The Confrontation


It has bee a while we did a series on addressing this nagging problem.

-addressing the muffing top

-reducing the waistline

muffin tummy

-striving to look good naked

-plain lose enough weight to fit your clothes, save some money and get healthy

The Admission

This has been a long time coming. I am ripping the results of long periods of sitting in front of the computer, working and watching TV.  So, there is my confession.

This series is basically to help me and any other person that decides to join this program.


It should be fun. I’ll be sharing videos of exercises I am doing on a daily basis. I will appreciate all of you lovely people join me in the program, also checking in daily to participate fully either exercising or giving input on healthy food idea etc. All things that lead to a healthier you.

Some guidelines

Track everything that you’re eating and drinking. You’ll be surprised at how many biscuits you eat while waiting for the kettle to boil. Stay away from sugar, your body cannot break it down and you’ll end up piling on the pounds.

 Start a plan of action –

 Pick the right workout for you

Take weekly photos

 Make sure you have a network of support

Train hard or go home

Get off the treadmill and pick up the weights

Stay consistent

This Week (workout videos for Monday)

Video from Body Project. Check them out here. Try out Bodyfit by Amy here

Some wise words from a world renowned trainer

 Pick the right workout for you: Just because one workout works for your friend, doesn’t mean you’ll get the most from it. Find the training that makes you feel energetic and positive, so that you enjoy working out. No one likes doing something they don’t want to do.

 Take weekly photos: You won’t see the changes when you look in the mirror but the photos of your progression won’t lie.

 Make sure you have a network of support: Be it family, friends or people you find on social media with the same goals as you, having someone knock you for wanting to better yourself isn’t helpful. Drop those people out of your life and surround yourself with people who support and inspire you.

 Train hard or go home: Turn off all your distractions. Put your phone onto flight mode and get off social media when you’re in the gym. You’ve got a goal to hit and nothing is more important than hitting your goal.

Get off the treadmill and pick up the weights: Weight training will burn more fat than running. It’ll make you looking sexier as it will define your body.

Stay consistent: Go to the gym or take part in a high intensity class that’ll make you sweat at least five times a week.

Not having clarity in my thoughts today. Check in to the food section for food ideas. Drop a line with your suggestions. Tomorrow, we will put up before pictures

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