Divorcing the muffin top Day 2: Help!!!! …need some support

Hi dear beauties (that includes the men)

It is always better  to ask for help and support than pretend everything is fine while you are wilting inside. Once upon a time I was quite fit and could be considered physically fit and ‘healthy’. At least I was in a happy space, mentally and physically, then came a boot camp I took part in, a knee injury that opened up the door to other injuries …… I’ll rant about that on a different day.


This is an attempt to right the ship and find a path to healthy and happier.  There are lots of information out there by weight loss experts, and you wonder what makes this different. The difference here is that I will be sharing my walk towards health and also share a glimpse into the lives of some of the beautiful ladies (Carol, Kemi, Veronica, Marilyn (Akos), Joy…) that have volunteered to stand by me everyday, doing the assignments, eating healthier urging me on and trying out whatever fancy ideas might pop into my head like trying out Lyra, pole dancing …..

The point is I believe this will be beneficial to the fit and not so fit. Heck, you can come along for the ride even if you don’t join in other ways. All ideas are welcome

I will be sharing some pictures to check on progress, a collage of my dinner for the week because, that seems to be my weakest area and a daily check in every day, to turn myself in so to speak. I don’t intend to cheat and I need you to keep my honest.

You will observe that I will almost always list a Pilates or yoga type exercise with a strength or weight bearing exercise every day.  You can do both or either. I list both because, my personal experience has taught me that I can’t afford not to don’t skip on ‘stretching’ daily.  If I miss it, I am hobbled all day or week.

Below are the  exercises for the week. Check here for Mondays workout.


Please stretch after oooo to prevent injuries.




Let’s get it on

Suggestions can be made in the comment section. Everybody is welcome


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