Alishia Noel-Murray, convicted in assassination of husband – ‘Insurance money killer’

The Brooklyn black widow, Alishia Noel-Murray, was convicted of murder in the death of her husband, 4 years ago

Jury took less than three hours to convict her on Thursday

Noel-Murray, 29, was accused of colluding with her lover Dameon Lovell, 33, to put a ‘hit’ on her husband

She was planning to collect nearly $900,000 on three insurance policies as reward

Hitman, Kirk Portious was paid $3,500 to assassinate her Omar Murray on Feb. 23, 2013 

Noel-Murray was found guilty of murder, attempted murder and weapon possession 

She is facing a life time behind bars, sentencing is set for June 29

Grieving wife or black widow? Alishia Noel-Murray is on trial accused of hiring hit man to kill husband Omar Murray – she ‘seemed calm’ after the killing says cop

Alishia Noel-Murray 1Alishia Noel-Murray was found guilty of murder, attempted murder and weapon possession, Thursday.
It took a jury less than three hours to convict a Brooklyn woman of masterminding a scheme to have her husband killed so she could cash in on $900,000 in life insurance claims.
Jurors on Thursday found Alishia Noel-Murray, 29, guilty of murder, attempted murder and weapon possession in the Feb. 23, 2013 assassination of her husband Omar Murray.
“She’s a real monster,” Murray’s mother, Eunice Ashley Henry, 59, said after the verdict.
Henry clapped her hands in prayer and looked up. “I’m ecstatic. I’m overwhelmed,” she said. “But I’m still missing my son.”
Noel-Murray plotted with her lover, Dameon Lovell, to hire a hitman for $3,500 to kill Murray so she could collect on three life insurance policies.
Lovell cooperated with prosecutors in exchange for 15 years to life in prison.
The alleged shooter, Kirk Portious, murdered Murray in their Lott Ave. home in Brownsville.

Alishia Noel-Murray (r) at the funeral of her husband Omar Murray in Brooklyn, NY, on March 9, 2013Funeral service for Omar Murray. Alishia was accused of paying hitman, Portious, $3,500 to assassinate her husband

Omar Murray2Omar Murray the jury decided, was the victim of an evil, money-grabbing scheme orchestrated by his young wife 

Moments later, Noel-Murray called 911 while holding their 10-month-old son. She “seemed calm”, a responding detective testified during the trial in Brooklyn Supreme Court.
Noel-Murray denied involvement in the slaying when she took the stand.
The jury has not yet returned a verdict for Portious who is going through a separate jury trial.
The victim’s mother, a home health aide originally from Jamaica, referred to her daughter-in-law as “the devil.”
“She tried so many times to kill my son,” Henry said.
Noel-Murray will be sentenced June 29.


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