Trust fund kid, Cameron McDermott,  recorded himself repeatedly drugging and raping two unconscious women

One woman was raped eight times, another was raped five times in his Manhattan and Long Island dwellings

Victims were, unconscious during the rapes, didn’t even realize they had been assaulted

Cameron McDermott recorded himself repeatedly drugging and raping the unconscious women in his two NY apartments


The 31-year-old son of a former CEO of a New York bond brokerage firm, marked the videos “rape” and kept them online – along with child porn organized by age’

His Long Island home was raided in January after he allegedly exposed himself

He kept the videos in an online folder marked ‘rape’ with their names along with a trove of child porn, organized by age in folders titled ‘daddy and daughter’

Faces more than 200 counts, including rape

Ordered held without bail on Thursday due to a flight risk

 Cameron McDermot arrest1.png
Two-for-one: Cameron McDermott was arrested on rape charges when he arrived in court Thursday to face the child porn counts. He denies all charges

The excesses of trust-fund kid has tripped him and exposed a depth of depravity that has shocked his New York community.
Cameron McDermott, whose father is an ex-CEO of a New York bond brokerage firm, has been charged with more than 200 counts of predatory sexual assault, rape, sex abuse and unlawful surveillance.
McDermott, 31, allegedly recorded himself drugging, raping and sexually assaulting two women at least 13 times at various apartments in Manhattan. He then saved the videos on his computers, police said.
Authorities found the videos on his computer when his home was raided after he allegedly dressed up as a woman and urinated on a stranger, the New York Post reported.

Cameron McDermot6
Alleged serial drug-and-rape artist, Cameron McDermott, was arrested after cops allegedly found a huge organized child porn library on his computer. 

The road to the his current legal woes began on September 25 of last year, when he allegedly assaulted a woman while in drag on the campus of Adelphi University.
McDermott walked up to a woman in campus parking lot while dressed in a black wig, black yoga pants and lipstick, and urinated on his mark.
But when the investigators raided his Hempstead apartment, they found worse,  disturbing: video files of a series of rapes committed across Manhattan.
The first victim was seen being raped and sexually assaulted while unconscious both in her own Gramercy apartment and in McDermott’s Murray Hill home, police said.
She was assaulted on at least eight occasions in 2010, police allege.
The second victim was assaulted five times in McDermott’s Upper East Side home in 2013. In the videos prosecutors said, McDermott ‘slaps and flicks’ the woman to prove she is not awake.
During his arraignment at Manhattan Supreme Court on Thursday, court documents stated that the videos showed the suspect fondling both women, inserting an object into one woman’s vagina and sodomizing the other.

 McDermott's Manhattan apt.jpgThe videos showed he raped and sexually assaulted the first unconscious woman eight times, inside his then-Murray Hillapartment and at the victim’s Gramercy apartment in 2010.  Just as he raped the second victim five times in the other apt, cops said. The women were said to be unconscious during the rapes

Neither victim was aware they had been raped until the videos were discovered, authorities claimed.

‘The defendant meticulously recorded each of these actions, and then labeled them on his computer,’ assistant district attorney Jamie Kleidman told the court.
The videos were stored in ‘files named things like “unconscious” and the victim’s name, a folder marked “undressing” and the victim’s name,’ Kleidman said.
‘[There was] a folder marked “rape” and then videos of him raping the unconscious woman,’ she added.
Also in the digital folders were hundreds of pieces of child pornography, Kleidman said.
She added that it was ‘meticulously marked by age, like “2 years old” and the actions the children are being forced to engage in, such as “daddy and daughter.”‘

McDermott's Long Island apt.jpg Cameron McDermott also had an apt in this Lond Island apartment, where cops say they found the child porn and rape videos
McDermott arrived at the court on Thursday to face the child porn counts, but was subsequently arrested on the rape charges.

He pled not guilty to all counts.
ADA Kleidman urged the judge to hold him without bail because his family have millions of dollars to their name, and he posed a serious flight risk. Describing him as a “sexual predator”Kleidman told the court he has resources to flee. “His family has lots of money
Granting the prosecution request, Judge Dwyer said that in a case like this “a sane person would want to flee the country, and I certainly think there is enough of a chance of that,” before ordering McDermott held without bail.
McDermott’s father, Rick McDermott Jr spent 25 years as the CEO of bond brokerage firm Chapdelaine & Co, which is now known as Chapdelaine Tullett Prebon, LLC.
He most recently worked in medical device sales.



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