‘I threw my life away for a f***ing lie’ , Christopher Membranos, sobs behind bars realizing girlfriend conned him to murder

“I just wanted some f***ing justice”

Brooklyn threesome killer sobs behind bars over girlfriend’s deceit: ‘I threw my life away for a f***ing lie’

Christopher Membreno, 24, was arrested Monday night and charged with murdering Manos Ikonomidis

Ikonomidis, died after a Brooklyn ‘sex threesome ‘ between his 21-year-old girlfriend and two men went bad early Monday

Police sources say the orgy ended badly after one of the men tried to videotape the encounter and she became upset 

The victim was ‘beaten and stabbed to death by boyfriend who was angry at sexual encounter involving his girlfriend’

Hours earlier, the 20-year-old allegedly had taken part in a threesome with his friend Jack Doherty, 21, and Membreno’s 21-year-old girlfriend 

She then went home and allegedly called Membreno and falsely claimed to have been raped 

Shortly after, surveillance video captured two white men and a black man running after Ikonomidis, who was beaten with a baseball bat and repeatedly stabbed

Ikonomidis, 20, was found bleeding from at least five stab wounds on 16th Street in Park Slope early Monday and died shortly after

Membreno and accomplice Gabriel Dos Santos, 24, are being held at Rikers Island. Police are still searching for the third man involved in the murder

Avenging boyfriend Membreno is facing charges of murder and criminal weapons possession

Dos Santos has been charged with murder, weapons possession, gang assault and burglary

Christopher Membreno1Christopher Membreno [photo], and two pals stabbed and bludgeoned Manos Ikonomidis to death, June 18 after his girlfriend allegedly got tired of a threesome with two guys the called him claiming she’d been raped by Ikonomidis

A young man now behind bars for killing 20-year-old man whom he battered and stabbed to death with his posse, after the victim allegedly was accused of raping his girlfriend in a threesome in Brooklyn, NY last weekend. Police say evidence points to the tryst being a consensual affair.

Christopher Membrano police said, raced to his lover’s defense, killing a man he thought raped his lover in the three-way tryst.
Now it is dawning on Membrano, 24, he may have been set up as he languishes and reflects on events in his jail cell on Rikers Island.
Christopher Membreno was reportedly stunned on Saturday to learn that police believe the ménage à trois in Brooklyn involving his girlfriend and two men was consensual.
“I threw my life away for a f***ing lie? My life is over because of a f—ing lie?” a weeping Membreno allegedly asked a reporter from Daily News reporter in a jailhouse interview, over the weekend.
The 24-year-old said he barely remembers what happened early Monday after his girlfriend called him claiming she had been raped in Park Slope.
She sounded “distraught, scared,” he said.
Monday morning ménage a trois turns deadly in Brooklyn, leaving 20-year-old participant, Manos Ikonomidis, dead of three stab wounds in the chest and back.According to police reports, Membreno rounded up friends Gabriel Dos Santos, 24, and a third man, whom police say it is still large, and they went looking for 20-year-old Manos Ikonomidis. The gang of three found the victim leaving the apartment where the girlfriend had the steamy threesome ‘rape’ escapade.
“I just wanted some f***ing justice,” Membreno said at Rikers Island. “I wanted to hold him until the police got there.”
But cops say Membreno and his posse set upon Ikonomidis with bats and knives, leaving him to die in a pool of blood in the hallway of the building before taking off.
Membreno claims he was high at the time and doesn’t remember many details of the murder.
“He was fighting me. I had to defend myself. I had to fight back,” he said.
Police say there is no evidence the victim was ever on the offensive.

Manos Ikonomidis1Manos Ikonomidis was battered and stabbed to death by Membrano and his posse after he allegedly was accused of raping a female partner in a threesome in Brooklyn, NY last weekend. Police say the tryst was consensual

The fleeing Ikonomidis made it to the main floor hallway of the apartment building and , got to knock on the door of one of the apartments before collapsing.
“They stabbed me! They stabbed me twice! They stabbed me!” he told the stranger who answered the door. “I’m so sorry.”
The woman who answered the door said it was not until EMTs arrived and turned him over that she realized the extent of his injuries. A pale Ikonomidis had  four stab wounds in his chest and back, and he had been savagely beaten with baseball bats.
Detectives believe that Membreno’s girlfriend, Ikonomidis and 21-year-old Jack Doherty were involved in a consensual threesome inside Doherty’s Park Slope pad before the killing.
The rendezvous ended abruptly, but only because the woman became upset when Ikonomidis started filming the sexcapades, cops said.
Soon after, Ikonomidis’ girlfriend — who was not involved in the sex play — received an ominous Instagram message reading “your boyfriend f—-d up and will be taken care of,” sources said.
Authorities last week said they were still trying to piece together exactly what happened during the doomed fling in Doherty’s apartment.
“We have a competing narrative in this case,” NYPD chief detective Boyce said. “We’re still trying to decipher exactly what happened that day.”
For Membreno the burning question is: “Did she set me up? I deserve to know the truth,” he enquired.
He also said he hasn’t spoken to his girlfriend since being locked up.
“This is my life now,” he said, ripping open his beige jail jumpsuit and grabbing it in his fist. “I can’t do it anymore. I really don’t know what I have to live for.”

Magnum baseball bat recovered by cops after the beating death of Manos Ikhonomidis1.jpgSuspected murder weapon, this magnum baseball bat was recovered at the scene

One of Membreno’s co-defendants, Gabriel Dos Santos, 24, is also being held at Rikers Island. He’s charged with murder, weapons possession, gang assault and burglary, cops said Saturday.
Maria Ramos recounting events of the night said her son, Dos Santos, who became a dad  five months ago, was in bed when Membreno called saying his girlfriend had been gang-raped and he needed backup to confront the alleged perpetrator.
“He say, ‘I have to leave because Chris need me,’” Ramos recalled. “I said, ‘Don’t go. I have a feeling there’s going to be trouble.’ He said he has to. Chris is his friend.”
Dos Santos seemed calm when he returned home about an hour later. But he freaked out after getting a call from Membreno saying the man they assaulted was dead, his mother said. “He said, ‘I had no idea Chris had a knife,’” Ramos said. “He said when he saw that, he started panicking.”
Cops are still searching for a third man they believe took part in the fatal mayhem.
Membreno, facing murder and criminal possession of a weapon charges, said he harbors no ill will against his girlfriend.
“I still love her even though she set me up,” he said. “I don’t know why I still love her.
“I just want some answers,” he added.
Detectives have not determined whether or not Membreno’s flame will face any charges.
“She has not been charged at this point with anything,” said a high-ranking police source, who noted that charges may never come. “Lying to your boyfriend is not the same as, say, lying to the police.”


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