Chutzpah!! Suing from jail: Tara Stumph, 37, convicted sex offender, teacher now suing teen victim 16, for defamation

Jailed teacher who cheated on her firefighter husband with a 16-year-old student is now suing the teen for defamation

Tara Yvonne Stumph, 37, has filed a civil suit against her former student lover 

The married teacher is serving 180 days in San Luis Obispo County, California for having sex with the boy from the age of 15

Culinary arts teacher Tara Stumph admitted having sex with the teen in her plea deal, last April

From her jail cell, the teacher is now claiming the boy she slept with, has defamed her to ‘classmates, family’ and others in community

Convicted sex offender faced accusations from the victim that she  ‘molested him during and after class and sent nude pictures and sexually explicit videos of herself to him’

A former teacher who is currently jailed for having sex with a 16-year-old student is suing the teen for defaming her.
Culinary arts teacher Tara Yvonne Stumph, 37, was sentenced to 180 days in jail in San Luis Obispo County, California after her conviction on molestation charges, earlier in the year
Now the teacher has filed a civil suit against the boy she slept with, accusing him of defaming her ‘to various classmates, family and other members of the community,’ the San Luis Obispo Tribune reported.
The former Arroyo Grande High School teacher convicted in April this year of having sex with a 16-year-old student has responded to a lawsuit from that student’s family by filing a counterclaim, alleging the victim has defamed her “to various classmates, family and other members of the community.”
Tara Stumph pled no contest in April to having sex with a person under 18 and was sentenced to 180 days in jail, a sentence she started serving May 1.

Tara Stumph 10.jpg

Teary former teacher Tara Stump, in San Luis Obispo Superior Court on April 6. She  was sentenced to six months in the County Jail for pleading no contest to unlawful sex with a minor more than three years younger than her.

Stumph is set to be released next week after serving roughly half of her sentence, according to jail records. Stumph’s teaching license was revoked after her conviction, but she will not be required to register as a sex offender upon her release from San Luis Obispo County Jail.
The victim’s family had previously named Stumph and the Lucia Mar Unified School District in their own suit, claiming she had victimized at least one other student.
It is unknown whether that claim is the basis of Stumph’s countersuit for defamation.
The victim’s family and one party, the school district, are set to enter a binding mediation process with Santa Barbara mediator Henry Bongiovi.
The former teacher is now suing for indemnity for any judgments rendered against her, a judicial determination that any injuries to the plaintiff were caused by the school district, civil damages and attorneys fees and costs.
She alleges in her counterclaim that the victim’s statements damaged her reputation and career.

Tara Stumph and her husband 4.jpg
Tara Stumph’s husband works as a firefighter in California. They couple have three children [photo]
Tara Stumph 5.jpg
Tara Stumph’s teaching license has been revoked but she will not have to register as a sex offender after her release, which is set for next week

She taught at Arroyo Grande High School where she was previously awarded regional occupation Teacher of the Year

The victim’s suit claimed Stumph ‘molested him during and after class and sent nude pictures and sexually explicit videos of herself to him’.
Stumph, a married mother-of-three, whose husband works as a firefighter, entered a plea deal that effectively meant spending just 90 days in the County Jail after pleading no contest to a single felony charge of sexual intercourse with a person younger than 18.
As part of her plea agreement, the state dropped a second felony charge,  oral copulation with a person under 18 years, as well as three misdemeanor counts of child molestation.
In addition, Judge Gayle Peron ordered that Stumph receive four years of supervised probation. Under the terms of that probation, Stumph will be required to undergo specialized counseling and periodic polygraph tests, to have no contact with males younger than 18 and to stay away from middle schools and high schools.
Failure to abide by those conditions could see Stumph serving out the maximum jail sentence of three years.
Fortunately for Stumph she does not have to register as sex offender, at the time the District Attorney’s Office, said that although “the facts of the case seemed to require some jail time,” his office approved the plea agreement because Stumph had no prior criminal history and “it was felt like she was a good candidate for formal probation.”
Defending the decidedly light sentence, Lee Cunningham, spokesman for the District Attorney’s Office,  said Stumph’s sex did not play a role in her sentencing.
“Both in terms of the crime that she plead to and in terms of the sentence, if it were a male with no criminal history and it appeared to be an isolated incident, the sentence would be very similar if not identical,” Cunningham said. “I think that it’s an appropriate sentence. It was a very difficult situation.”

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