Heroin gang undone by Instagram!! Feds seize millions in drugs luxury autos, cash, jewelry from NYC gang with Mexican cartel links

Heroin dealers with Mexican cartel links busted by feds after flaunting their jetsetting lifestyle on social media

Dealers allegedly kept their families in lavish style – bought cars, jewelry and designer clothes with drug money


Yacht parties, diamond encrusted jewelry, Miami waterfront getaways all shown off on Instagram

Fed agents on Wednesday seized 12 kilos of heroin worth nearly $1million from Victor ‘Bebo’ Agosto, Perfecto ‘Fec’ Deleon, Luis ‘Lou’ Lopez,   Andres ‘Dre’ Reyes, Nestor ‘Tito Bird’ Rivera, and Peter Vasquez

Impounded fleet of luxury autos – Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Audi Spyder, Mercedes-Benz CL and S, Porsche, Maserati, Range Rover and BMW M4, totaling roughly $1million

gang based Brooklyn and Queens had connections to Mexican cartel, funneling drugs from Mexico to New York, Los Angeles and Chicago

The dealers busted Wednesday face 10 years to life in prison if convicted 

The big spending cartel related blingers 2.pngAlleged dealers circled in red flaunt their super ‘privileged’ life style on a n a yacht: Peter Vasquez [third  left], Nestor Rivera [fifth right], Luis Lopez [third right], Victor Agosto [second right], is to the right of Lopez wearing Burberry bottoms and no shirt

A major heroin ring in New York City was busted this week with federal authorities alleging the dealers flaunted their lavish lives, funded by drug money, on Instagram.
The alleged members of the trafficking operation, said to be based in Brooklyn and Queens include Victor ‘Bebo’ Agosto, Perfecto ‘Fec’ Deleon, Luis ‘Lou’ Lopez,   Andres ‘Dre’ Reyes, Nestor ‘Tito Bird’ Rivera, and Peter Vasquez.
Over $2million in cars and drugs alone were seized from the men, including 12 kilos of heroin valued at $900,000 and a feet of luxury vehicles.
Vasquez’s Mercedes CLS63 taken by the feds Wednesday near his home
The crew had connections to a Mexican cartel and would funnel the drugs through Los Angeles, New York and Chicago, according to federal authorities.
The fleet of cars seized in the bust included a Lamborghini Hurácan, Rolls Royce Ghost, Bentley, Audi R8 Spyder, Mercedes CLS63, Mercedes S550, Porsche Cayenne, Maserati, Range Rover Sport and BMW M4, totaling roughly $1million.

Living it up: Lopez and his family showcase their waterfront Miami getaway 
Vasquez's Mercedes Benz S63 .pngWednesday feds seized Vasquez’s Mercedes-Benz S63 along with his Audi Spyder R8.

Vesace stroller purchased by Lopez for his infant son .jpg

The babies are not left out by Lopez who posted the Versace stroller for his infant son online
Shoes for a 5th grade graduate, worth hundreds of dollars 
A narco jetsetter bought shoes for his 5th grader, worth hundreds of dollars 
Vasquez's Rolls Royce Ghost, purchased in grey .jpg
Vasquez’s Rolls Royce Ghost was delivered with a gray factory paint job before he changed it with a new red color
More gifts purchased by Lopez.pngLopez went to town on the gifts which feds are now going after
The alleged dealers didn’t just buy cars for themselves, they lavished luxurious gifts on their babies, young girlfriends and wives according to feds.

Among gifts seized; a $3,000 Versace stroller for a defendant’s baby.
The same defendant also bought his wife a Rolex watch, Chanel handbag and Versace dress, with the alleged drug proceeds.
Lopez aka Lou, had a very Merry Christmas buying an Audemars Piguet watch worth approximately $20,000, and a celebrated a birthday with a 256-gram piece of gold jewelry and diamond encrusted ring.   

Porsche Cayenne Purchased by Vasquez for his mother 1.jpgSpreading the joy among kit and kin: Mama Vasquez was gifted with a Porsche Cayenne by son 

Federal authorities say easy come, easy go: ‘The ill-gotten proceeds of the narcotics trafficking conspiracy will be subject to forfeiture.’
However authorities can’t seize the memories. When the crew wanted to kick back, feds say they splashed out lots of cash renting waterfront property in Miami.
‘The heroin epidemic is real. These defendants not only moved large amounts of heroin across the country — they carried firearms to protect their turf and extravagant lifestyle,’ stated NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill.

Versace all day... even the dress is subject to forfeiture by feds.jpg
Lopez has his lady all dressed up in Versace outfits, all subject to forfeiture by feds
Alleged dealer Agosto [right], wearing an open shirt .jpg
Alleged dealer Victor Agosto show cases his style [right], wearing an open shirt 

Authorities say one of the defendants relied on a crew of the violent street gang the Young Gunnerz, also known as the YGs, based in the Bushwick, Brooklyn to provide protection of the illicit business.

O’Neill added ‘New Yorkers are safer with this poison off the street.’
Each of the men faces a minimum of 10 years to life behind bars if convicted.

One thought on “Heroin gang undone by Instagram!! Feds seize millions in drugs luxury autos, cash, jewelry from NYC gang with Mexican cartel links”

  1. Idiots, should have been humble and stayed low key they would have been good. But, too much flossin, too much attention, being on the spot light all the time on IG. Too many haters and too many of them boys watching everything (evidence) young and stupid


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