Peace – girl with the intriguing eyes – lovely!! From hawking Pumpkin Leaves to modeling – here’s looking at you kid

The girl with multi-colored eyes


Lagos-based photographer called Abimbola visited the Mile 12 market in Lagos. There she was instantly taken aback by the striking appearance of a girl selling uguw (pumpkin leaves). The girl was there with her mother, her name is Peace.

Her eyes tell the story.  They consist of at least three colors: dark green on the outer edges, bright green in the middle and golden in the center.


The photographer told her readers that she later returned to the Mile 12 market in Lagos to arrange a full photo shoot with the girl, but, to her surprise, she was attacked by other sellers.The uguw sellers in the market gathered around the photographer and tried to prevent her from taking any more photos of Peace. They claimed the photographer was simply exploiting the girl due to her striking eyes and that nothing good could come of the photo shoot.

First take

nigerian girl beautiful eyes

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