‘Teacher’ of the Year!!! Yokasta M, married, ‘forced students to have SEX with her for good grades’ – Faces 40 years in jail

Predator educationist Yokasta M. battered SEX for grades at a high school in Medellín, Colombia

She would approach teenage boys in class  at a school and ask for their phone number to ‘help them with their studies’

Yokasta M, 40, who is married would then ‘force her target to have SEX with her to get good grades’ at Colombian school

The incidents took place in  between January and April 2016, Yokasta M would send victims,  aged 16 and 17, lewd images and invite to her home


Non-compliant boys were threatened with failure if they did not have sex with her

Exposed and arrested when some victims ganged up to go viral and expose their tormentor 

Faces 40 years in jail, and divorce from husband
Yokasta M 3Yokasta M. a married teacher was exposed preying on her teenage students

A Colombian teacher forced high-school students to have sex with her in order to get good grades.
Yokasta M, 40, groomed teenage boys at an undisclosed school in Medellin, Colombia, and would threaten to fail them if they did not sleep with her.
The married teacher was caught after a student decided to end her reign of sex for grades. In addition to a divorce, she is now facing 40 years in jail, if convicted
The married teacher’s reported MO was to approach teenage boys in class  at a school and ask for their phone number to ‘help them with their studies’

Yokasta M 20Yokasta reportedly, would spring her trap in class at school where she approach a target, ask for the phone number to ‘help them with their studies’.

 The married teacher would then send provocative or semi-nude images to the boys.

The incidents took place between January and April 2016, Canal 4 reports.

The teacher approached her students, aged 16 and 17 on social media or asked for their phone numbers in class to ‘help with their studies’.

Yokasta M 23Yokasta sent dozens of photographs to the teenagers showing the teacher posing in underwear or a bikini, and sometimes only covering her modesty with her hands or fluffy toys.   Yokasta M 14

She allegedly used WhatsApp messenger to send explicit images and proposals to her students.
The 40-year-old married teacher would ask her male students to visit her apartment where she would bribe them with good grades.
If the students did not comply and sleep with her, she would threaten to fail them.

Yokasta M 8
The teacher allegedly would ask her male students to visit her apartment where she would barter sex for good grades 

Yokasta M 24It is still unknown how many boys fell victim to the predator teacher

 Yokasta M 22End of her reign: Yokasta M was not caught for months, and neither parents nor school knew of her abuse until a father found images on his son’s mobile phone

She reportedly invited the teenage boys to her flat where she made them engage in sex acts by telling them that she would fail them if they refused.
The married 40-year-old’s cover was finally blown when her victims ganged up and exposed her on social media.

Yokasta M 10Crime spree: The incidents took place in Medellin, Colombia between January and April 2016

Yokasta M 13This is one of dozens of enticing images teenage students received, and uploaded

Eventually, the boys asked for explicit images. The unsuspecting predator,  after a few days of prompting from her young lovers people accepted and began sexting and exchanging  photographs  with the teen students.

Yokasta M 1Nude images: Many of the images Yokasta sent to student lovers show her  more or less nude

Yokasta M 7

Once she was arrested, one of her students posted more of the images she had sent them online.
As the story went viral across South America, reactions have varied from outrage to jokes that the teenagers were ‘probably not complaining’.
The Yokasta M. now faces both 40 years in jail. She is also being divorced by her husband and a divorce

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