Perilous dating game!! Raelyn Domingo, 15, shoots “Sugar Daddy” 56, in stomach for not giving her enough money

Vancouver teenager Raelyn Domingo, who shot a 56-year-old man Thomas Licata in the stomach last week had met him through, a “sugar daddy” website.4C661ACB00000578-5745087-image-a-29_1526651323828

Raelyn Domingo, 15, was arrested Wednesday in connection with a shooting in Washington County last Friday, as well as an armed home invasion in Camas Saturday.

The victim told police he let “Samantha” into his home, took her to his music room and paid her $260. He gave her a can of sparkling water and they shared his vape pen. Moments later, she asked to use his restroom, and when she came back, she pulled out a gun and shot him in the stomach after asking for more money



He was hospitalized with a gunshot wound that went into his stomach and through his buttocks.

Raelyn Domingo is also a suspect in another robbery that took place hours after the May 11 shooting, police said. The teen and three masked men are accused of robbing two people in their Camas, Washington home. One of the victims was assaulted, the news station reported. Domingo was arrested along with the other suspects on Wednesday She’s charged with assault and robbery in connection with both alleged crimes.

Licata had described Domingo as an Asian woman named “Samantha” who said she was a Certified Nursing Assistant



Hours after the shooting, Domingo was involved in another robbery in nearby Camas, Washington that targeted a different man she had been speaking to online.

Domingo and three masked men stormed the man’s home at about 3am and stole his iPhone X, cash, a debit card, his driver’s license, car keys and an Xbox One.

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