Celeste Guap: former sex-trafficking victim back in police custody

A prominent former victim of underage sex trafficking was taken into custody on a medical-evaluation hold Sunday after a domestic-disturbance call, according to a tweet by Richmond’s police chief.

At 7 a.m., officers answered a call from the home of a woman this news organization identifies as “Celeste Guap,” but “met with difficulty sorting out the conflict between she and her boyfriend,” Richmond police Chief Allwyn Brown said Sunday.

Those officers later placed her “on an emergency medical evaluation hold because of her words and behavior,” Brown said.celeste-guap

A call to Richmond police for further clarification about Guap’s location or status was not immediately returned Sunday afternoon.

At 7:40 a.m. Sunday, Guap managed to post a 50-second Facebook Live broadcast from inside a Richmond police cruiser, asking viewers to “Help me, this is the idiot … Richmond police department” before an officer was seen taking her phone from  her.

After allegations by Guap, the daughter of an Oakland police dispatcher, that she had sex with more than two dozen officers who worked in Richmond, Oakland, Livermore, Contra Costa County and Alameda County, in some instances while she was underage, became public in May 2016, numerous officers were disciplined and some Richmond officers were terminated.

Then-Oakland police Chief Sean Whent resigned, while multiple police commanders drew criticism over victim handling during police interviews and during a resulting internal affairs investigation.

Bay Area Pros Support (BAPS)@BayProsSupport

A lot of people are asking questions about Celeste, please read our statement

“We know that Celeste Guap was picked up by the police this morning,” a representative of Bay Area Pros Support said in a statement Sunday.

But the group said Guap, one of several speakers at a rally and march Saturday in downtown Oakland meant to note International Sex Worker Rights Day and criticize recently passed federal laws opposing sex trafficking, was not taken into custody as a result of her speech.

“Celeste’s lawyer is aware and involved, but we do not ‘officially’ know where she is (…).  We do not trust them to keep her safe or treat her with respect. The police need to know that the community is watching them. Until she is released all eyes are on them.”


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