Curvy and Fit! Plus-size model Tabria Majors, shows off her 230lb body in a NUDE shoot – Shoots down perception she doesn’t work out or maintain a healthy lifestyle ‘because she is bigger’

Fighting persistent negative perception of fitness for  full bodied women
Plus-size model shows off her 230lb body in a NUDE shoot as she slams the perception that she’s not fit,  doesn’t work out or maintain a healthy lifestyle ‘because she is bigger’
Tabria Majors, 29, bared all for a spread featured in Women’s Health to debunk negative stereotypes of plus size women
Majors describes the experience of people on set often assuming she doesn’t work out or eats unhealthy foods because of her size 
Though she does high-intensity interval training and lifts weights, she said she is usually told to walk at activewear shoots instead of working up a sweat
Tabria is advocating that plus-size models to get the same opportunities as straight-size models

She explained that people often assume that she lives a sedentary lifestyle or doesn’t eat a healthy diet because of her size.
When she is on set, she is often told she is ‘lucky she doesn’t have to work out, and some even go as far as saying they wish they could ‘eat junk food all the time’ like she does, which is far from the truth.
‘My body is powerful, and I want to maintain this muscle. That takes a lot of calculated nutrition and specific workouts,’ she said.
To keep in shape, Tabria likes to do high-intensity interval training and weight lifting, but she said she rarely gets to show off her strength as a plus-size model.
‘On activewear shoots, straight-size models will be in speed training and kickboxing shots. Meanwhile, I’ll be told to walk. Or do some lunges,’ she explained.


Tabria said she wants to see plus-size models sweating and ‘doing real workouts’ on set. Above all, she wants plus-size models to get the same opportunities as straight-size models, no matter what the arena.
She argued that there won’t be more progress in the ‘body positivity’ movement if brands don’t start taking it seriously and making changes.
‘Brands will use a size 12 model and call it “inclusive.” But when you don’t make any sizes bigger than a size 14, is it really?’ she asked.
Tabria noted that her stance on body positivity doesn’t mean she will never lose weight, but it does mean she will love herself no matter what size she is.
She recalled making the choice to ‘accept’ herself rather than wallow in self-loathing or try to lose weight after her friends shamed her for putting on 15lbs in college.

Tabria has made a name for herself as a rising model as well as an advocate for body positivity and inclusivity.
She graced the pages of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue last year as a model search finalist, and in 2017, she recreated Victoria’s Secret ads to show that ‘curvy girls can rock ([nd sell] lingerie just as well as straight-size models.’
Tabria told HuffPost that she wanted to open up the discussion about inclusivity in the mainstream media.
‘I just want to know why they, and so many other companies, don’t cater to the average-sized woman,’ she said of the lingerie brand.

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