Freedom!!! Newly freed former inmate Cyntoia Brown, 31, relishes her early release from serving a life sentence in prison: ‘I am loving every single thing’

“Being able to cook for myself and decide how I want to spend my day feels amazing,” says Cyntoia Brown commenting on her release from prison:
Brown, 31, was released from a Tennessee prison on Aug. 7 after serving 15 years of her life sentence
She was sentenced to life as at the age of 16,  for murdering a 42-year-old man, whom she said had paid her for sex 

Teen prostitute Brown was convicted of first-degree murder and aggravated robbery in 2004 for the death of 43-year-old real estate agent Johnny Mitchell Allen
She was sentenced to serve a life sentence, commuted in 2018 by then Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam
Her early release came after intense pressure by advocacy groups and celebrities
Brown-Long married Christian rapper J. Long while behind bars and the two shared photos together during Brown’s first week of freedom
A memoir, titled ‘Free Cyntoia’, is expected to release this October

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