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Mel B going to rehab for alcohol and sex addiction – PTSD diagnosis after ‘incredibly difficult six months’

Mel, 43, revealed she is checking into a clinic after battling issues with booze and post-traumatic stress disorder

Mel is dealing with the fallout from her bitter divorce from Stephen Belafonte admitted she is ‘fully aware I have been at a crisis point’


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Stay in your lane! Roseanne Barr charts Stormy waters as the sitcom star engages in Twitter spat with Trump accuser, Daniels

Game of social media ‘chicken’ between porn star Stormy Daniels and comic Roseanne Barr, descends to bitter Twitter feud
Barr, 60, a vocal supporter of President Trump, tweeting Friday that Daniels is “known for anal porn scenes”
Trump accuser, adult film actress Stormy Daniels, 38, fired back hours later “I don’t even do anal movies, you ignorant t–t.”
Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen allegedly, paid Stormy Daniels $130,000 in hush money to deny that she had an affair with Trump a decade earlier in 2006
The Non-Disclosure Agreement and payment was made in Oct 2016 – 11 days before a crucial debate with Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton
The president until recently, disavowed all knowledge of either Daniels, the NDA or any slush payments
Daniels has since turned the controversy into a perilous, legal minefield for Trump’s presidency
Michael Cohen’s personal freedom and legal career is now in jeopardy as well, as the case unwinds

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Sheyi Shay @ Jazz Junction in Kigali




Singer and songwriter Seyi Shay oozed slay as she thrilled fans at the the Kigali Jazz Junction –  an evening show which featured live music performances.

Charly na Nina, Neptunez band and the Mavuno Souls band also performed at the 5th edition of the 3rd season of the show which took place at the Kigali Serena hotel, Kigali, Rwanda. Continue reading Sheyi Shay @ Jazz Junction in Kigali

Zoe, outed by a butt dial: Woman accidentally sends her boyfriend a text meant for her friend detailing how she’s cheating on him – he slut shames her and posts it on Twitter

‘I’m a stupid w****, help!’
Jordan McNelly received a text from his girlfriend, Zoe revealing stuff she rather wished he never got to know

The text sent accidentally, was meant for her friend’ 

Zoe detailed how she’s cheating on Jordan, she’s asking her friend asking for advice on cheating  Continue reading Zoe, outed by a butt dial: Woman accidentally sends her boyfriend a text meant for her friend detailing how she’s cheating on him – he slut shames her and posts it on Twitter

Kesha’s producer, Dr Luke files second libel lawsuit against singer’s mom, Pebe Sebert, citing tweet and recent interview with Billboard magazine

Lukasz Gottwald  files second libel lawsuit against Pebe Sebert, citing tweet and recent magazine interview
Kemosabe Records founder Gottwald,  aka ‘Dr. Luke’, says mother-daughter duo had promoted “false and shocking accusations” about him
Pebe Sebert tweeted “Kesha can’t legally put out music unless she makes it under complete control of a man who raped her at 18.”
 Kesha, is seeking to exit six-album deal with Sony under ex-mentor, Gottwald
Dr Luke successfully sued for defamation and breach of contract  against Kesha in February and April 2016

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Conned out $10M: Eddie murphy’s ex, Nichole Murphy was fleeced of divorce settlement by high rolling conman Troy Stafford, aka Troy Stratos


Career conman admits fleecing Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife Nicole, out of  her divorce settlement

Troy Stratos, 50, told Nicole he would make overseas investments using divorce proceeds from comedian Eddie Murphy

Stratos instead, bilked Nicole of $10million, used her money to fund high-roller lifestyle and fancy cars

Troy Stratos, conman with prior conviction of concocting $11million fraud involving Facebook stock, uses Long list of aliases – –Real name Troy Stafford, aka Troy David, aka David Stafford, aka David Burton, aka Ken Dennis

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Wednesday,  pled guilty to 11 counts wire fraud and mail fraud, two counts money laundering, one count of obstruction of justice  

Faces up to 20 years in prison, if convicted. Attorney says case would have been a ‘very difficult trial’ for his client if allowed to proceed


Larger than life image: Troy Stafford. Long list of aliases, aka Troy Stratos, aka Troy David, aka David Stafford, aka David Burton, aka Ken Dennis.

Stratos, real name Troy Stafford, claimed to have introduced Murphy to her superstar husband Eddie – whom she divorced after a 12-year marriage, which produced four daughters and a son.

Charlotte Olympia Betsy Women US 8.5 Black Ankle Boot

He nas been known to boast of often connections in the entertainment industry, was a film producer with enough clout to get President Barack Obama to attend an event. Authorities later learned Stratos long list of aliases including Troy David, David Stafford, David Burton and Ken Dennis. Cons he carried out as Ken Dennis have him incacerated in Sacramento County, Calif.

Nicole Murphy5
Nicole Murphy, swindled by a high rolling master conman
Troy Stratos3
Confidence trickster Troy Stafford, aka Troy Stratos, pled guity to charges of swindling Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife Nicole out of $10 million

Wednesday, Stratos admitted to swindling $10million out of Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife and pleaded guilty to all 14 charges against him before he was set to go to trial next week.
Troy David Stratos, 50, appeared before US District Judge Troy Nunley on Wednesday and entered guilty pleas to 11 counts of wire and mail fraud, two counts of money laundering, and one count of obstruction of justice.

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Stratos had represented himself as a wealthy financial adviser and offered his friend of 34 years, Nicole Murphy to invest a large portion of her $15million divorce settlement with Eddie Murphy in the Middle East, promising a high rate of return, and then cover her expenses under the false premise that she was fully invested.

Nicole and ex, Eddy Murphy
nicoleNicole Murphy

The federal suit  alleged that the convicted conman diverted to himself millions of dollars of Murphy’s money that was intended for overseas investment, and that he covered Murphy’s expenses with her own funds.
Murphy’s attempts to try to get her money back having so far failed, she hired private investigator Bill Branscum, a former special agent who worked with the FBI’s organized crime strike force in Miami, to dig into Stratos’ background.
Branscum uncovered fraudster Stratos’ fraud trail from Florida to California to Canada and France.

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The investigation led to a realtor in Maui, Hawaii, who apparently gave Stratos $1.9million for an investment that never happened.
Stratos it was uncovered, had a pattern of targeting wealthy women that led all the way to Vancouver, Canada, where he swindled one mark out of at $16million at least. A string of men claimed they were both his lovers and victims of his scams.
Stratos, apparently used the proceeds of his cons to  finance his A-list life style and his huge gambling addiction.

Troy Stratos2

Stafford has known Nicole Murphy since they were kids. It didn’t stop hime from conning her out of most her divorce settlement

For Nicole Murphy’s attorney, James M. Williams, she is having to deal with the fact that Stratos a childhood friend ‘ took a considerable amount of money from her, and between his actions and the actions of the Bank of America for allowing him to do it,have really put Nicole in a bad position.
Williams said ‘She sees the trial as the first of hopefully several opportunities to get some justice.
‘A victory in the criminal justice system against Troy Stratos, I’m sure will be a huge relief for Nicole.

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‘But we hope to finish the job with the civil suit by recovering at least some of the millions and millions of dollars he took from her.’
He added that the civil case is still ongoing but he’s hoping a trial date will be set in the coming weeks.
‘It’s been a long journey but it looks like both the criminal and civil are getting close to an end, an end to Nicole Murphy’s nightmare.’
The trial set for Sept. 12. However, Stratos’ change of plea on Wednesday came 15 months after a federal jury found the hustler guilty of defrauding a Philadelphia investor group out of $11.25 million.
The group thought it was buying pre-IPO Facebook shares from Carlos Slim, with Stratos, under the name of “Ken Davis,” serving as the Mexican billionaire’s agent. But investors never received the shares, and funds wired for their purchase wound up being misspent by Stratos. He is scheduled to be sentenced on Nov. 17 for both the Facebook trial, as well as, Wednesday’s guilty plea.
Stratos faces up to 20 years in prison, if convicted for the wire and mail fraud charges, and up to 10 years for the money laundering and obstruction of justice charges.
He still faces a federal suit that accuses him of inducing the Venable law firm to participate in the Facebook fraud, and a state claim that alleges he conspired with Bank of America to rip off Murphy.


Coming to newsstands this July 19th, Elle magazine presents FKA Twigs, who conjours mystique, the name itself embodies a lot of enigma .



While she may not sound familiar to many in the older generation but but rings a bell to new gen below 30. Maybe for her affair with teen idol vampire Robert Pattinson or it could be for her artsy inscrutable approach to but fashion and music . To this age group, she just might be the next Prince – no kidding , the girl’s music has a level of spirituality that is quite unfathomable. British singer/songwriter/dancer/producer  . The 28 year-old is photographed by Paola Kudacki and styled by David Vandewal with looks selected from the likes of Valentino, Clavin Klein, Prada, Salvatorre Ferragamo, to mention a few.


Editor-in-Chief of ELLE Robbie Myers said, “FKA twigs is making some of the most boundary-pushing music and performances around. She’s an artist sui generis, and she’s on the verge of being one of the most influential of her generation.”

Here’s a  peek at her interview with ELLE’s Lizzy Goodman .

On Why She Doesn’t discuss projects until finished and releasing  her works without any fore-warning : “People talk too much,” she offers. “Everyone’s always chatting and not delivering. I’m the opposite. I like to just deliver.”

She refuses to use the word ‘Fan’, here’s why : To her, it feels “derogative,” so she’d rather call them “people who like my music” or “people interested in me as an artist.” “They don’t influence what I make,” she says, “but they have a role in us all coming together and creating something genuine.”

She couldn’t care less about the fame . She addresses being in the public eye as thus : “Being in the public eye is so weird,People want to shame you. It’s not a celebration of a talent.” She speaks wistfully about an era before social media, when Josephine Baker could dance on tables all night, then “go out for vegetables in her T-shirt” the next day and not have it all documented.”

Credit blanckdigital

Services ‘not rendered’: Businessman Yu ‘Martin’ Xu, sues Australian escort service for not providing the A-list celebrities promised when he paid $3.7m for the ‘sexual services’ of actress Megan Fox, model Candice Swanepoel and Chinese actress Angelababy

Man sues escort agency after claiming he paid $3.7 million for ‘sexual services’ from Hollywood actresses Megan Fox, super model Candice Swanepoel and Chinese actress ‘angelbaby’

Businessman Yu ‘Martin’ Xu alleges he paid  Paid $3.7 million to Royal Court Escorts, Sydney for ‘sexual services’ from these A-list celebrities

Claims Royal Court Escorts agency never provided the services contracted

Suing to recover the money he paid for services ‘not rendered’

actress Megan Fox2
Hollywood Actress Megan Fox

A Chinese businessman was itching to enjoy the services of Hollywood A-listers and was not bashful about paying for the premium service so he enlisted the aidof an escort service based in Sydney Australia. Yu ‘Martin’ Xu claims he paid an escort agency $3.7 million to have sex with supermodels and A-list actresses. He alleges the agency  duped him out of the money paid since the promised ‘dates’ never materialized
Xu alleges he paid Sydney-based agency Royal Court Escort for ‘sexual services’ from Hollywood actress Megan Fox, Victoria’s Secret model Candice Swanepoel and Independence Day actress Angelababy, but was stood up.
Mr Xu said an agent told him that the agency would provide ‘female escorts of international standing for the provision of sexual services’, according to documents filed in the New South Wales Supreme Court.

The company which prides itself on being Australia’s most exclusive, discreet and trusted escort agency claims on it’s website to be the ” the leading worldwide luxury travel companions consultants. ” With a “portfolio of escort companions  drawn from a select group of stunning models, actresses and educated women”

Yu “Martin” Xu claims he paid $3.7 million to a Sydney escort ­agency, which promised him “sexual services” from Hollywood actress Megan Fox and Victoria’s Secret model ­Candice Swanepoel.
But Mr Xu is seeking redress from the court because the escort service failed to hold up their end of the bargain. The showbiz A-listers never showed up to their rendezvous, even after he agreed to pay extra for their airfare and ­accommodation.
The third woman listed in the deposition by Mr Xu is “Angelababy”, a Chinese actress whose real name is Yang Ying who appears in the latest Independence Day movie. Ironically, there is no suggestion Fox, Swanepoel or Ying are escorts.

Candice Swanepoel2

Victoria’s Secret model ­Candice Swanepoel

Mr Xu has now sued the parent company of the Sydney-based agency, Royal Court Escorts in a bid to recoup the $3.724 million he claims to have paid to have sex with “international ­female movie stars and models”..
In Court, Mr Xu claims an agent of the agency told him they would be able to provide ­“female escorts of international standing for the provision of sexual services”.
It was then agreed that if  he paid $3.7 million to the agency he could call on the women to meet him anywhere in the world as long as he paid for their transport and accommodation. The arrengment was to have all three women meet Xu in China.


Chinese actress  “Angelababy”, real name Yang Ying

To access the services, Xu alleges that he paid the agency a $24,000 “joining fee”.
Around July 2014 he allegedly paid the escort agency for “sexual services” from “international movie stars or models”.
“It was agreed that if (Mr Xu) paid the sum of $3.7 million (the agency) would provide Megan Fox, Candice Swanepoel and ‘Angelababy’ as ­escorts for sexual services,” his court submission read.
Describing the mode of payment Xu told the court he transferred $500,000 into the agency’s account on August 13, 2014.Followed up with another $500,000 payment two days later and two more payments totalling $2.5 million on August 19. The final transfer of $200,000 was made on August 21.
Mr Xu claims that in September 2014 the agency agreed to send ­“Angelababy” and he arranged and paid for her transport. But the alleged tryst fell through when “the person was not provided”, Mr Xu’s statement of claim said.
He wants to recoup the cost and is suing the agency’s parent company for breach of conduct, misleading and deceptive conduct, and unjust enrichment.
Royal Court Escort says it plans to contest Mr Xu’s allegations, but is yet to file a defence statement with the court.


He took the Night: Jesse Williams of Grey Anatomy speaks on Black Lives Matter after receiving Humanitarian Award at 2016 BET Awards

Grey’s Anatomy actor Jesse Williams, 34,  after accepting the Humanitarian Award at the 2016 BET Awards Sunday evening, seized the opportunity of the speech time to break down the essence of the Black Lives Matter movement.



The Full Speech

Jesse began by thanking BET and the technical crew of the video that preceded his appearance, his wife and his parents “for teaching me to focus on comprehension over career, they made sure I learned what the schools are afraid to teach us.

“This award is not for me,” he continued. “This is for the real organizers all over the country, the activist, the civil rights attorneys, the struggling parents, the families, the teachers, the students that are realizing that a system built to divide and impoverish and destroy us cannot stand if we do. It’s kinda basic mathematics: the more we learn about who we are and how we got here the more we will mobilize.

“This award is also for the black women in particular who have spent their lives nurturing everyone before themselves — we can and will do better for you.

“Now, what we’ve been doing is looking at the data and we know that police somehow manage to de-escalate, disarm and not kill white people every day. So what’s going to happen is we’re going to have equal rights and justice in our own country or we will restructure their function and ours. [Standing ovation.]

“I got more, y’all. Yesterday would have been young Tamir Rice’s 14th birthday so I don’t want to hear any more about how far we’ve come when paid public servants can pull a drive-by on a 12-year-old playing alone in a park in broad daylight, killing him on television, and then going home to make a sandwich.

“Tell Rekia Boyd how it’s so much better to live in 2012 than 1612 or 1712. Tell that to Eric Garner, Sandra Bland.

“The thing is though, all of us here are getting money, that alone isn’t going to stop this. Dedicating our lives to getting money just to give it right back to put someone’s brand on our body — when we spent centuries praying with brands on our bodies, and now we pray to get paid for brands on our bodies?

“There has been no war that we have not fought and died on the front lines of. There is no job we haven’t done, there is no tax they haven’t levied against us, and we have paid all of them.

“But freedom is always conditional here. ‘You’re free!’ they keeping telling us. ‘But she would be alive if she hadn’t acted so… free.’  Now, freedom is always coming in the hereafter, but the hereafter is a hustle: We want it now.

“Let’s get a couple of things straight. The burden of the brutalized is not to comfort the bystander — that’s not our job so let’s stop with all that. If you have a critique for our resistance then you’d better have an established record, a critique of our oppression.

“If you have no interest in equal rights for black people then do not make suggestions to those who do: sit down.

“We’ve been floating this country on credit for centuries, and we’re done watching and waiting while this invention called whiteness uses and abuses us, burying black people out of sight and out of mind while extracting our culture, our dollars, our entertainment like oil — black gold! — ghettoizing and demeaning our creations and stealing them, gentrifying our genius and then trying us on like costumes before discarding our bodies like rinds of strange fruit.

“Just because we’re magic doesn’t mean we’re not real. Thank you.”



Solange’s ode : Thirty looks good on you. Happy Birthday

Solange’s ode to herself

Wore tap shoes and tutus every where 3-5
Wrqote first song (A jingle for the United Way) 9
Felt God 10
Met first love (in a parking lot) 13
Wrote/Released my first album for weird teenagers 15
Started writing songs for other awesome people 16
Lost my best friend Marsai, to gun violence 17
Pregnant 17
Married first love 17
Gave birth to angel baby 18
Financially independent 19
Bought my first house 19
Divorced 20
Wiled the hell out 20-22
Wrote/ Released second album 22
Fell head over heels in love again 22
Insane panic attacks and agoraphobia and convinced I would die by 30 – 24
Wrote/released third album 26
Started record label and cultural hub 27
Released first album on label 27
Freed myself of “friends” on the journey to womanhood 27
Started writing most proud of body of work 27
World called me crazy 27
Married Best Friend 28
Completed 4th album (72 hours before turning 30)
Just really getting started 30 

Solange through the years ….


“I say all of that to say… don’t ever let anyone write your story for you,” – Knowles.

“They can talk, they can doubt, and they can say what they wanna, but only you have the words to narrate this ting [sic] we call life. So much gratitude for all of your wishes. So much gratitude for love. So much gratitude for freedom. So much gratitude for life.”

#Summergoals:  Jayz , Beyonce and Ivy are off on a ‘Lemonade’ Vacation In Hawaii for a little R& R 

Following their attendance of game 6  of the NBA Finals in Cleveland, seemed to be in high spirits and were all cuddly and sharing PDAs the Carters looked quite happy. Lemons and lemonade seems to be the theme as can be seen with here jewelry and lemon crown

#Beyhive, Beyoncé is to continue her Formation tour in Sunderland, England on June 28.

Here she is looking fabulous


..hi there




…shall we dance




…thinking lemonade





Christina Grimmie, Former Voice contestant shot dead in Miami while signing autographs

“She was shot at her show in Orlando and, unfortunately, didn’t survive the gun shot wounds.”

The 22-year-old  star was shot at 10.45pm  on Friday at The Plaza Live in Orlando by a gunman then shot himself after being tackled by her brother.


The gallant brother Mark Grimmie with Christina

The former Voice contestant Christina Grimmie , 22-year-old , who took part in the US version of TV talent show, was signing autographs for fans in Orlando, Florida when she was shot.

Police say her brother tackled the suspect who then shot and killed himself.

…Christina singing “Hello” by Adele

A spokesman for the singer said: “It is with a heavy heart that we can confirm that Christina has passed and went home to be with the Lord”

“We ask at this time that you respect the privacy of her family and friends in their time of mourning.”

“If you’d like to give back to Christina’s family in her memory, please consider donating to the families GoFundMe page in their time of need.”


Christina is said to have been selling merchandise and signing autographs when the incident occurred.

Orlando Sergeant Wanda Miglio said: “This should have been something fun and exciting and for something like this to happen is just a tragedy.” She appears to have been shot twice in the head.

The police officer described Grimmie’s brother as a hero for helping prevent anyone else from getting hurt.

There has been a lot of out pouring of love and conolenses from fans on twitter

DJ Cuppy, Mission in US accomplished. London here I come

Pedigree doesn’t lie ‘billionaire in making’DJ Cuppy

This is one hard working lady, billionaire heiress, academician, DJ and all round business woman. She is done with school in New York University and has moved back to London but not before she dropped an article on Huffington Post about her move back to London and why she made the decision. Good luck girl

…all work and no play


Moving back to London has been nothing short of a heavy meditative time for me. Despite avoiding any form of sentiment or doubt as I boxed all my belongings from my apartment, unfortunately it seems my emotions have now caught up with me, forcing me to confront my decision to return to ‘The Smoke’. My first thoughts were – Should I really be moving back to London? This was quickly followed by a series of panics; What about living in Lagos? What about your homeland Nigeria? What about Africa?

…at work

This is actually my second big move to London, so you’d think I’d be a pro; not sitting in my East London flat trying to decide whether to call SKY first or find my local supermarket. My first big move to London was when I was 12 years old. From my GCSE’s to my recent graduation from New York University, I can proudly put 8 years of education behind me and enjoy the super-cool-confident-catty-creative-but-still-a-clever-clogs type of woman I am today. A woman that is madly in love with music and her career as a DJ.

Despite having not lived in Nigeria for the last 10 years, it will always be my home. Being born and growing up in Lagos absolutely shaped my creative side; in a city whereby vibrant colour and culture is everywhere, you cannot avoid the arts as a way to express yourself. My parents did such an excellent job raising my siblings and I (Lord help me when it’s my turn lol!); as children we were encouraged to explore and never be scared to make mistakes. This made me both adventurous, but also very naughty.

…the fashionista


My first impressions of London were a hub of cultural diversity, eccentricity and quirkiness. I remember being put on a plane from Lagos, finding myself in north London, trying to figure out how to make the perfect Bacon Sarnie. London has and will always hold some of my fondest memories; experiencing my wild teenage years inspired me to be a DJ and why I’ve fallen in love with the music scene here. London definitely paved the way for today’s Cuppy.

…graduation and with sister Temi @jtofashion

Why did I leave London in the first place you ask? Simple; I had to follow my passion but also gain necessary knowledge. I attended Point Blank music school in North London over the summer, after my BSc degree at Kings College then applied for New York University, heading into the unknown.. I remember that summer of 2014; things were really picking up for me as a DJ in London. Nonetheless, when September came I got on a plane from Heathrow straight to JFK; and two years later here I am – back with a bang!

While I’ve been away, London has changed so much, there really couldn’t be a better time to be innovative; like a sponge, Londoners are soaking in other cultures and mixing in influences like never before. The Nigerian genre of music ‘Afrobeats’ is now cementing its presence on the UK top 40 charts, which is amazing to see!

Many people including my friends, family and Cupcakes (my ever so loyal fans), want me to move back Lagos as adulthood has kicked in. However, I have decided to come back to London. Why? Because London is really the nest it needs to nourish. For the first time in my life, I’m able to be a full time DJ, without any essays due in the morning or thesis meetings; and I can’t think of a better place than this city, which allows such opportunities, opens the gates to the international community, and has such a diverse culture. Being in Lagos at this time would have been a lot different. Although, one thing is that they are a bit more merciful with weight back home – I’ll have to stay away from my perfected bacon sarnie and good old fish and chips!


I’m so excited to do what I love for a living and continue to use music to touch people’s lives. For me that’s the key – whether I live in New York, London, or Lagos. Going on tour to 8 countries in Africa showed me the true strength of music and it’s inspired me to do more on and off the decks. My company Red Velvet Music Group just opened a new office in Shoreditch, with a studio where i’ll be making new sounds (coming soon!), but more importantly, we are creating a space for other African artists to make and manage their content exposing it to a new demographic and inspiring news artists.

So my darling Lagos, I have not forgotten about you – let’s just say I’m introducing you to some new friends.

…la familia

London, thanks for having me back!

Instagram: @cuppymusic

Obama slow jamming with Jimmy Fallon -‘Orange Is Not the New Black’ must see video

Obama was at Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon  show on Thursday night – for a  slow-jam of the news, touching on everything from the Trans-Pacific Partnership to Trump.


“There will be no third term,” sang Obama. “I can’t stay forever. Besides, Daddy’s got a Hawaiian vacation booked in about 223 days, but who’s counting? That being said, the American people face an important decision this fall. The entire world is watching and they look to us for stability and leadership. Now, I know some of the presidential candidates have been critical of my foreign policy. I don’t want to name any names”—“he’s talking about Donald Trump,” added Black Thought of The Roots.

South African Music Awards in Durban on Saturday night. From Bonang, Khanyi Mbau to … ladies owning the runway

… working the red carpet

Pearl-Thusi-1 Pearl Thusi owned the runway

BonangBonangbonang2Bonang Matheba

…the host and hostess, Somizi and Thando Thabete 

…erhm Somizi eehh? Wharisdis?


nomzamoNomzamo Mbatha

moozlieNomuzi Mabena

pearl2Pearl Thusi.


sama1Minnie Dlamini

thando  Thando Thabethe


zakes  Zakes Bantwini.

nadaiNadia Naka

mmabathoMmabatho Montsho


nandi1Nandi Mngoma

lootLuthando LootLove Shosha.

leratoLerato Kganyago

pearl1Pearl Modiadie





Chaos: 3 shot during T.I. concert at Irving Plaza in Manhattan

At least three people were shot during a T.I. concert at Irving Plaza Wednesday night, according to police sources and witnesses.

One woman was shot in the leg and a man shot in the chest around 10 p.m., according to WPIX 11.
The Brooklyn-based Flatbush Zombies opened for the hip hop star, whose real name is Clifford Joseph Harris, Jr., at the 1,000-person venue near Union Square. Rapper T.I. was set to perform until gunshots went off at Irving Plaza on Wednesday.

irving-shootings5Rapper T.I. was set to perform until gunshots went off at Irving Plaza on Wednesday.
Social media posts from people at the concert showed NYPD officers rushing into the venue on Irving Place and 15th St.ti_concert1One of the victims being evacuated by NYPD
T.I. TI Irving Plaza shooting

The chaos erupted before T.I. took the stage, according to witnesses.

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